Sunday I finally fixed that bit of fence that wasnt level. Planted a few things, but ran out of steam quickly.

Monday was the eclipse. I stayed up after waking up about 8ish, instead of rolling over and going back to sleep. Watched a lot of it on the TV, but did get up and got dressed to go outside to watch the actual event. Stood around with my neighbors and it was a very cool thing. Saw Venus in the sky.

the birds went dead silent for about an hour, but after the sun started to come back, the first thing moving were a pair of hummingbirds.

Went to breakfast after with my sister, since I was up. Tried to work outside but was off due to lack of sleep. Monkey had driven to Salem with his roomies, and they stopped on the way back, we did a bit of local hanging out, then they headed north. Traffic was very bad, so it took him ages to get home.

Today, new Book Tuesday, I sure hope that happens. With all the delays due to everyone leaving Oregon its hard to say. There is also the signing tonight at the Beaverton Powells.
Friday went pretty much as planned, except I havent quite leveled that one section of fence yet, I am saving that for sunday. Got most of the fence done today, with just a bit more to go. got everything painted and installed as it were on the posts.

The Stone working dude finally showed up today to look at my projects, the paver patio area in the front and the 30 feet of back fence that needs replacing, they will email me a quote.

I feel good that I got things done today. After so long of not really catching up... this is nice.
With what I wanted to do yesterday, I decided to focus on the fence first.. leaving Friday for errandy stuff. With my neighbors help, we got the last two posts in. I put in a ten foot and then the eight foot posts. since I didnt take the posts to the sidewalk (and it would have been difficult since the pussywillow had compromised the last post with its trunk and branches, so its staying in situ no matter what) and I crossbarred that section too. Thats four sections with the added bars. Sadly I did the cutting on that last 1x2 and screwed it up, cutting it a half inch less than needed. So, I have to get a new 1x2 today. I still have fiddly bits to do to the fence, leveling out that one section and putting in the lower brackets.

I refilled all the bird feeders and stations. I cut back the crocosmia and some tall purple thing that has bloomed out. Cut up the bits of Empress tree and pussywill that had to be trimmed back. The yard bin was full full full. Corralled all the recycle bits into the bin until it was full.

The quail were impatient with me clearing out from the fence area, I was cutting into their dinner time. The dominate bird kept coming out and strutting at me in challenge and making noises. No sooner than I had gotten the wheelbarrow back into the driveway, then they flocked out to feed, and this time I had a clear view of the baby quail with them. They are so darn cute! Then the rest of the birds arrived. I had birds landing on the new cross bars already.

Called the sister creature, picked her up on my way to Wilco to buy a couple more cheep paintbrushes (those cross bars need purple paint) some hanging hooks for said cross bars, and noted that they have black sunflower seed on sale.. I will pick up some of that today. Filled the gas tank up on the Van, and was amazed at the huge motorhome that pulled in under the portico (taking up both lanes) to gas up. I thought for sure that I would hear metal crunching. We then went to the West Linn Buggattis in time for the late happy hour. They had been rushed and a lot of the food items werent available because they had run out. Thats a first.

So, today, I need to adult on the bills, then run my last local errands and bunker down for the solar event. I tentatively have the Stone dudes coming on saturday afternoon to give me a verbal quote on my little front patio. If they dont get caught in traffic.
I started to dig the latest post hole, and it was in actual dirt, not in the shards of mountains and clay. My neighbor came over and helped me dig the last foot to get the post in. Post was then set. We talked about the fence, and the next two posts hadnt broken off, so I decided to modify my plan yet again and keep the lower posts. With a bit of sawing and adjustment, I got three bits of fence up, thus leaving the last two pieces to go, and that is digging two more post holes. I will get out there later today and start to dig yet again. The second section of fence I got up is both out of alignment and crooked in comparison to the others, so when I am done with the entire fence, I will fix it. But not right now. Cut back a couple of branches on the Empress Tree, and hacked at the backside of the pussywillow where I will need to put the last post. Still debating about which height of posts to put in for the last two, in return for my neighbor helping me he is getting my extra posts and the odd bits of fence I didnt need. He is going to be putting up some more fencing in his yard, so, should I give him the two 12 foot posts? Should I use them? I have six posts left now, and will use two, leaving four...trying to figure out the best for both of us. Measured out and cut the second strut and still have to measure and cut the third one. they need to be painted too.

Todays list of stuff to do, some Adult bookkeeping and birthday cards, gassing up the Van, going to the Post Office to mail said cards. Then to start digging the post hole. I should do the dishes..
If we were a proper civilization, on Monday at 10.18am, we should sacrifice our Leader to make the sun return.

Saw lots of out of state plates yesterday, New York and Montana, North Carolina and South Dakota. Also saw trucks carrying porapotties headed south.

Got my errands run, picked up my restrung bracelet, investigated several stores to see if they had any Halloween things out, yes to Pottery Barn, Pier One, and Home Goods, and a no to Cost Plus World Market. Stocked up on Essentials so I dont have to go anywhere until Tuesday, one last thing to do is to gas up both vehicles before Friday.

Picked up a new cat box for the Resident Evil Feline. This one is pretty much a plastic bin with high sides and a lid with a hole in the top. It might give him privacy and no where to toss cat sand out of the box, and no way for him to hike his hiney over the edge of the box when he is feeling pissy with the world.

Today, working outside, starting to dig post hole nr 3 in the fence replacement project.
Sunday was use the B&N coupon day, I found the Mech anthology which is the companion to Kaiju Rising! the sister creature found two books she wanted. We went to Pennys to look for those cargo pants I wanted, and they still didnt have, but the sister found some great stuff on the sales racks. We also did Torrid, and they pissed me off because when I got home, I found they had sent me an ercpt which I do not tolerate. I had a hissy fit and sent critical emails to the company. Their take on it is for me to tell the clerk I dont want an ecrcpt, but they dont seem to get that I am not being paid to do the clerks job, upshot is that I may not buy there again if they dont get this squared away. The clerk shouldnt assume I want the damn e to begin with.

Monday I slept in, then when I got motivated, I returned things and bought new things.

Today, New Book Tuesday and I have a PT appt at 330. My bracelet has been repaired so I need to get over to Washington Sq to fetch it back.

I still have things left undone.
Due to a phone call from a friend, I blew off friday just to hunt down and acquire a dragon skellie halloween yard decoration. It took guile and patience. Big Lots was the only spot they were being carried at, and, they were selling out fast. I ended up waiting until the store closed for the day, they were holding the last one for someone who called in, but they never showed up to pay for it. So, at the stroke of 9pm, it was mine. My shopper gatherer skills were at their peak, so was my patience for that matter. Because I had time to waste waiting, I went to Ace and got more bird seed on sale.

Saturday, sunday paper was fetched, and swung by the used book store to write out the september book requests from them, and then I went home and hit the garage hard. Well, a 4x6 section of the garage. Pulled out what was in the way, moved things and swept, put the rolling metal shelving unit into its newer more prominent place and started to load bags of bird seed on it. I have close to 500 pounds of seed, not counting the bags of finch food, some of which I found while pulling stuff out. Since they are a small bag, they tend to wander and slide behind other stuff. Got all the boxes of suet together and the squirrel corn logs.

At some point I looked over at one of my bird feeding stations and realized that the hanging platform feeder was missing. I went over and there it was, on the ground, along with the hook it was attached to. Something had pulled the entire rig off the post. I had nailed it solidly to the post with two inch nails. I guess when I put it back up, I will use the four inch screws.

noted that the chipmunks had already burrowed new holes by the first post base, cleverly following the cement up to the surface, and then chewing up the cardboard that I had used to define the hole. Busy little buggers.

Having swept the parts of the garage floor that I exposed, sorted through things to go back in, discarded cardboard and tossed a couple of older feeders I was going to rehab, cuz, I have three new feeders that came to light.

Restacked things going back into the garage, hung a few things from the rack and put like with like. Left stuff out or near the front that I will be using soon.

Went to dinner with the sister creature and listened to her day with her mother. Stopped by the game store and they had gotten a shipment in, so I got part of Youngest Nephews birthday gift. On the drive back to the house, I had rain drops on the windshield.

Today, I need to finish laundry, put the cardboard in the recycle bin, and go out with the sister, we have a discount coupon at B&N.
I went and got a couple of new 1x2s for the fence replacement project. Some more cemement replacing foam for the next couple of posts to be dug and placed. Another can of Purple Balloon paint for the project and of course, touch ups on things that should remain purple.

Did trash prep and a load of laundry.

Today, laundry and other stuff. Maybe go and rummage around in the garage and rearrange something, so I can stack the bird seed for the winter on the wire rolling shelf.
Still trying to decide what to do today, lots needs to be done.

Will check on the bird feeders to see how they are faring.
Havent posted in quite awhile, mostly due to the heat and the air quality, plus, I wake up later in the day so I am a bit rushed to get to things on time.

Sunday, stayed indoors (except to water) and picked up things.

Monday, Larry Corriea signing at the Beaverton Powells. I found two books and three anthologies he was in, so I was pleased that I got that much done. He had a nice turnout, and I got to visit with other folks in the audience that I know. The air quality went to shit by the time I was driving home, so breathing was chancy.

Tuesday, the New Book rituals of hunting, and a lot of little stops and some bill paying on the way to Book Club. I had bought this months book, but, kinda lost it in the mess and it didnt get read. As usual, there was a signing up against book club, and I had to wait a bit to get my book signed. Got home in time to see that parts of 217 were closed after I drove it due to stupid people and matches causing fires on the side of the road.

Today, being Wednesday, and I had thought it might be Thursday (sigh) ... got up late. Pulled it together to get outside and started on finishing digging the next fence post hole. My neighbor is helping me with this, and he is one nice dude. We got the next post up and the fencing portion installed. I marked out where the next post hole will go. Put up some hooks for bird stuff on the new post. This time we used the foam instead of the cemement to affix the post in the hole.

Tomorrow, not really sure, definately trash prep. I have some errands to run, recycle to do and stuff at Lowes to fetch.
Saturday was cooler, and there was little haze in the sky when we started out for the book signing. There was a nice audience, and of course, since we were in a bookstore, some browsing did occur. After that, it was to the Container Store, and Whole Foods, where the sister found the other flavors of her yogurt, we plan on coming back when we have the cooler bag with us and its a straight shot home. Also found a couple other things that looked interesting.

We ate at the WOW Burger near Kruse, its the fourth of the franchise we have eaten at. We were not impressed by this one. Sadly we were disappointed. It seemed that there was no kind of supervision, one of the kitchen staff didnt have a hairnet on, and the food wasnt as good. We had ordered the Cobb salad because it was described as made with iceberg lettuce, and when we got it, it wasnt. Their excuse was they had been changing their suppliers, and .... our question was if that was true, why didnt you say something when we ordered it? It got returned. The buns on the burgers werent fresh, the tater tots werent hot out of the fryer either. We definately will never go back to that one. We did see a lot of other food choices in the complex, its in a bunch of office buildings, so we will probably go back to try one of the other places.

As the evening progress, the air quality declined. By the time I got home, I was back to coughing and hacking again. I picked tomatoes out of the garden, noted that I have a head of cauliflower to harvest along with several of the smaller eggplants. Then I set the sprinklers to water. Will water other quadrants outside too.

Need to catch up on stuff inside the house, and find the books for tomorrow nights signing.
The visit thursday with the Master Herbalist was interesting, I have things to look up, and drops to take. I didnt pick the drops up until friday, the shop that was recommended to me was on Hawthorne, and there just wasnt time to go from Beaverton to SE PDX. So, on friday, I did up to the VAMC for my shot, to pick up the rest of my meds (and yet again, I had hassles with my Ergocalifercol, because of the high doseages, they gave me shit about :"oh this was just a temp script.. you cant take that for prolonged periods" and my response is always, I have been taking the mega doses for 15 years, I have a screwed up endocrine system. sigh.

But, errands got run, despite the heat and the smoke hanging over the city. I have been eating a lot of cough drops because my throat is raw.

Watering gets done, but its patchy. I would be out there doing it in the dark but the mosquitoes are just chewing me up. The tomatoes are loving the heat, and so are some other plants, but, they are thirsty.

Making sure that the bird feeders are refilled.

Today the PC and Kristin Cast signing at the Bridgeport B&N at two.
At least this heat wave is a dry heat. I doubt I would leave the house if it wasnt. It was interesting to read the temperature when driving the car, it was 101 in OC, 106 on the highway, and 98 up in the west hills on the way to the VAMC. And I should have taken some dry clothes with me to change back into once I had my mammogram. I forget how sweaty one can gets just sitting.

Tried to do my refills at Pharmacy, and three of my scripts were expired. Spent time on the phone leaving a msg to my doc about that, will try again on friday when I am back up there.

I did see some new flavors of Siggies yogurt that the sister creature likes, in the little OHSU natural food place, but, didnt get her any due to the heat issues. But I at least told her about them.

only did a little watering when I got home last night, I ran more of my errands on the way home.

Today, off to Btown to see the Master Herbalist.

Its supposed to be hotter, or not, today.
I figured out why El Cheeto has such an issue with Chyna.. he has Wall Envy...
So far its a dry heat, I got most of my errands run, but not all. It was only 97. I started out later than expected.

Today, mammogram, some of yesterdays errands and then home to water.
I watered yesterday, I was outside for several hours turning the sprinklers on and off and the soaker hose. Then I hand watered some bits.

I did pick some blackberries and shared them with one of the neighbors. There were too many for me to eat, but not enough to do something with.

Today, New Book Tuesday, and its *only* supposed to get to 98, so I need to run errands ... I also need to check if my appts will still be on for the rest of the week.
I watered yesterday, and I will water more today.

I also cleaned out the Van and the Focus, since anything in either vehicle will be cooked, broiled or whatever, and I tend to leave things in cars. Nothing is as much fun as boiled over soda.
Yesterday was hotter, and according to the weather guessers, this week isnt going to be very nice, and of course, I have appts on the three hottest days.

I mostly watered yesterday, and I put the bins back in their place. I did put the new bracing brackets on the fence, and they seem to be working. I also started on the next fence post hole, but only got about six inches or so down. It was very warm and I wasnt working well.

Played with one of the newer sprinklers I got last year, and it works well for the side of the garage... watering does bring down the ambient temps.

Today, not so sure again, I had hoped to plant some things, but with 100 degree temps for the week, not sure that would be good. I do need to get out there and water some more.. get the ground saturated.
I got August bills written out, and half of them in the mail. Did some credit union stuff. Went by the Stone works and got a recommendation for someone to make that patio area under the bay window. Stopped by Home Despot and checked if they carried the same plastic fence and brackets (they dont) but, did find something to help modify the configuration better. I still need to get back to Lowes to pick up another set of plastic brackets for the Fence Project.

When I got back home, I refilled all the bird feeders and put down seed in the side for the ground feeders. Watered...

Today, its supposed to be hotter, and I need to fetch my Sunday paper.
So, on Thursday, I had planned on staying home, excecpt for going to my physical therapy appt and that I discovered I was going to run out of one of my pills from my Naturopath. So, once I found my new glasses in their box where they have been since I got them months ago... I decided to run a bunch of errands instead. I was telling this to my sister, and she wanted to go with me. A lot of stops ensued after I did PT.

We even did a couple of stops on her behalf. Then dinner at Cracker Barrel. I did get the trash and yard bins to the curb too.

Today, I need to write out bills and a couple other things. Or not.
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