Jan. 4th, 2017

The streets were dry and there wasnt that much of the east wind blowing, so I went out to do my normal Tuesday stuff.

the sister creature got lucky for a change, and her car repairs were only 200 dollars, and she was very happy about that. So I didnt have to fetch her from the dealership.

Today, puttering about the house... refilling the bird feeders.

The past two years I havent managed to do proper book counts and page amounts like I have in the past, I didnt write down all the books, and the ebooks that I read. I know I read over 200 books ... if not a lot more, but, the short term memory glitch works against me, I jokingly think that I will remember to write this stuff down and then I dont, at least with print books I have the tangible item, but with ebooks I dont. I am trying to improve on that. And the ebooks can be anything from 20 pages to over a thousand pages if its a package book deal.

as with every new year, just trying hard to be better...



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