Jan. 8th, 2017

Friday I spent almost 5 hours at the VAMC, between my appt, and pharmacy and seeing the vampires for blood work. After I treated myself to a book at Powells, its by Stuart Clark on the concept of Demonology in the 15th Century, and of course, it had friends to bring along.... after that I met my sister and her mother and one of her other brothers for dinner at Old Spagetti Factory. By then it had gone from cold to effin cold, and I came straight home. It was 27 degrees by 7pm.

Saturday, by the time I got up there was almost two inches of light fluffy snow on the ground. I called my sister and she was out and about because her brother was trying to fly out of PDX then and she was his ride. Surprizingly he did get out ... and she did buy my sunday paper for me. I may not get it until tomorrow though. I wont drive in this kind of mess unless its a serious thing. And nothing is qualifying at the moment.

Today, making more arrangements.... a friend is having surgery in Seattle on the 16th, she might have uterine cancer and this is the first step, they going to biopsy during the surgery to determine if they have to take out any lymph nodes while they are in there pulling the original plumbing, and if its the real cancer deal, there are some other scenarios they have in place to follow. In a perfect world, this can be done laphroscopically, and it would make things easier, but they might have to do it the hard way. Currently the plan is for me to just be her medical next of kin, and her recovery is going to be at another friends place. Originally I was going to spring for a hotel room for a few days, because her house is too cold for me, and I cant function there, but the new plan is better. This also makes my time up there shorter, and I dont have to resked an appt I have at the end of the week. Still have to iron out a few details, but, it will all happen.

Today, should be horrible freeziing rain and thaw, but I dont hear any weather going on outsde, and I can hear just a bit of rain... nothing momentus. I will poke my head out and check it out, I may have to toss out more seed for the birds and small critters.



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