Jan. 21st, 2017

Its Saturday, I was mostly left alone by the Resident Evil Feline, except for when he wanted under the covers...

In the last week, I traveled to Bremerton/Seatlle for a friends surgery, learned that my credit unions VISA debit card has some very serious constraints about buying more than 90 dollars worth of something at a grocery store (its to prevent fraud and someone buying gift cards) and that their 800 number didnt exactly tell me the truth (hence the second fraud hold on my card preventing it from being used) ... and that I was supposed to basically get permission from the credit union to go to WA... that the Washington State ferry system has a disabled discount on its fares, but, if you arent from WA and have their disabled card, they dont believe you... or your hang tag... it was a lot of extra stress added into things.

the food at the hospital cafeteria wasnt good for me, I have never encountered pineapple in fried rice... maybe in the far distant past, but then it would have had spam in there too... either it was citrus or they had bell peppers in everything, and their Hungarian Mushroom soup wasnt. Enriched flour abounded too. One day I went over to the Northgate Mall to get something to eat, and that worked out. I also managed to get a bit of shopping in, and found me a Full Metal Alchemist sigiled bag at one store. I think it will work as a purse too.

The drive home was dryer than expected and most of the snow and ice was gone.

Friday, I terrorized the credit union, I went in and asked to have all my funds withdrawn and given to me in cash. I ended up talking to a manager why I was going to do this, and I explained in detail how I was embarassed and humilitated during my trip because I hadnt asked the credit unions permission to leave Oregon, and after talking to their 800 number and being assured that the card was valid, having it denied at the base commissary (a grocery store it turns out) that I was truely pissed at them, its my money, its not like I was using their money. If by their criteria, if I go over to Vancouver and shop, would my card be denied? I told them that for all the good they do, I could keep the cash in a coffee can under my bed, because I would at least have access to it. They have promised to take action as it were about my issues, and for now, my money is still in there, but they are on notice. They kept on about fraud and theft, and I pointed out if they looked at my buying patterns they would have seen that I did shop at the same places the last time I was up there.

I made it to my VAMC appt on time, picked up everything from Pharmacy that I couldnt get last week due to snow ... and even hit Costco on the way home.
Today, back to my regular routines, go out and get my Sunday paper, and if its not raining that hard, start to unload the stuff from the Van. I did get stuff at the Commissary and Exchange for myself that doesnt need refridgeration and it needs to be put away. But then again, I got Scottish Shortbread cookies and they need to be admired, and they dont contain any additives I am allergic to.



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