Jan. 22nd, 2017

got my sunday paper, got my toothpaste, and a couple other items. When I unloaded the Van I managed to forget to put away a couple of things ... like where I put the bowl of precut fruit I was going to have. But, all things were found in time.

Made arrangements with Eldest Niece and her husband to take him out for his belated birthday tonight, between death and weather things got delayed for about 7 weeks.

Sister Creature wants to borrow the Van this week due to trying to empty her most expensive storage unit into her garage at the complex. I do need to remind her not to back the Van up completely to the loading dock... she will claim she forgot if I dont. I guess I will have to delay its service appt to the next week then... but I do need to take both the car and the van in for service .. do one then the other.



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