Jan. 23rd, 2017

Got my act together yesterday and wrote out the last few bills of the month, which got dropped at the Post Office on our way out of town.

We did my sisters errands and then did some poking about at IKEA, Target, and Home Goods before arriving at Daves BBQ a bit earlyier than arranged. Eldest Niece and her husband also showed up a bit early and we sat down to visit and eat. Gifts were given, cards were read.

The drive home was exciting, saw many emergency vehicles and drove through an accident that happened just minutes before we got there on I205, there must have been at least 6 cars involved, we wondered if everyone suddenly just forgot how to drive in a short space of time. The roads were dry and it wasnt raining, and the snow and ice had gone. Or if some folks have decided that the rules of the road dont apply anymore.

Today, Dermatology at the VAMC, I hope this doctor is better than the one I saw last year. If not, I will request to see a real one outside of the system.

If the dry weather persists this week, I might even get the lawn mown, its very shaggy and looks unkempt.



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