Jan. 27th, 2017

Yesterday was okay, got trash out and a few things put away, cleared the kitchen sinks. Plugged the battery charger in on the lawnmower. Did some running around with the sister, finally found the Dolce gorgonzola at a New Seasons....

But then, of course, things break. My printer has gotten to the point where it wont print, my bathroom toilet needs its innards replaced (but the floor is so much cleaner from the water coming out of the tank) and the Mingo (minature plastic flamingo) set I bought at BiMart is legless. So, my so called quiet day at home, with the chance of mowing the lawn is kinda on hold until I take care of the critical repairs and replacements. I have a bright and shiny new printer in a box I bought a couple of years ago, but, I think its subsumed under books or behind a bookcase subsumed by books. The toilet innards need to be fetched from a store, I will try and match up the same kind since its the float dohickey that isnt floating right, and taking the entire tank apart when I can get away with not doing that. And I will just swap mingoes for a box with legs, I have the rcpt in my pocket in anticipation.

Its all time consuming. I also need to write out the February bills.



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