Jan. 29th, 2017

I got the toilet fixed yesterday, it was a very concerted effort on my part, I had the knowledge, the instructions, the tools, two small buckets... and I constructed a towel and pillow platform to kneel on. My knees are bad, once I am down that low, its very hard to get back up. I have to pull and lever myself to get upright. I did get the toilet fixed on the first try and it doesnt leak. Despite that, I did put a shallow tray under the water line just to be sure. I did have issues with the lefty loosey righty tighty rule, it depends on whose left and right you are going with. sigh.

Today, I will help the sister creature move some bookcases, unless she flake out. If thats the situation, then I will mow the lawn. I got moss killer to put down.



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