Feb. 6th, 2017

Just spent most of the last few days bunkered down and reading. Didnt do much else, but I did get my van back from my sister, and she even filled the tank as a thankyou!

I have been waiting for the weather to get back to our regularly scheduled winter, but, thats still iffy. I havent done the walk around the yard to see what storm damage I have, but I did lose a section of white picket fence, one of the posts has broken and is a bit floppy, so the section of fence doesnt stay upright. That has bumped up "replacing the white picket fence" as one task to do this summer. On the bright side, I can rent an auger to make new fence post holes... grin.

Today, Eldest Nephews birthday. He is working and I really need to get his present together, plus his wifes birthday was saturday and I need to do hers too.

Got two days of VAMC appts and two book signings the same days, going to be entertaining.



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