Feb. 19th, 2017

Friday went well, I picked up my comix and met the new manager of my store... we joked about how the employees there get "transfered to the warehouse" like its when someone goes missing... and yes, I used air quotes when I said it.

Tried to talk to the Pharmacy when I was up at the VAMC about why they kept giving me stuff that clearly had sulfa based ingredients, and the explination wasnt very good. They said they had SULFA listed, but frankly they have to have every single permutation of it listed to be effective. I will have to do some deep thinking how to solve this issue. And how to approach it.

My reward for not causing a scene was to go to Portland Nursery and indulge, very few plants out but I did get some purple anemones and some bulbs, and I got a new purple sprinkler and a new implement of gardening destruction, its a hand tool that is serrated and curved .. I will try and find a picture of it to link to.

Wandered home, made a couple more stops.

Saturday, I wasnt feeling well, partial due to TMI, but, things worked out eventually. I did get my sunday paper, and picked up Girl Scout cookies to send to Youngest Nephew.

another family birthday this weekend, I need to touch base to get presents and cards to her.

Today, thirty percent off sale at Powells, who can resist?



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