Feb. 26th, 2017

I mistakenly helped the sister creature yesterday, since I have her subaru wagon while she has my van, she wanted me to bring the wagon to her units to shove more boxes in there. I did help her move some boxes and I seemed to have pulled or twisted something in my back and I couldnt get comfortable all night long. With the exception of the odd dream involving a frog and salad dressing, I doubt if I got much sleep at all. If I got my torso settled in right, the legs were not happy, if I got the legs in the right position, the torso area wasnt thrilled.

If I take the wagon to her today, I am not touching a damn box. I will say that she is making great progress in her shifting from the storage units to the garages, I just wish she could do it without my van, but she leaves everything so late in the game, that she always runs over the deadlines.This storage facility wont charge her per day if she runs over, but the full months rent. At current count, its two garages and five storage units. If she clears two of the units, she will be doing well. I will give her credit for picking to empty her storage units by the due date of the rent, and actually starting with the ones due first, leaving the ones a week behind that.

I have to go by my brothers house and drop off my sister in laws's birthday offerings. That takes precedence.



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