Feb. 28th, 2017

Offerings were delivered to my sister in law on Sunday, they were graciously received. I did swing by the storage facility and the sister loaded up the wagon with more of her boxes. She really is making progress on her units. I babied my back as much as possible, and I came to realize that helping my sister was only part of the issue, her wagon is lower than my car or my van, and its very hard for me to get in and out of her Subaru, causing me to twist at a lower elevation as it were. After we got to her garage, she unloaded both vehicles (it was a majority of larger boxes, not a plethora of small boxes) we went to dinner together and then I took the van back.

Monday, it was off to Ford where the Van got its 40K service and they tweeked the sliding doors on it. the drivers side was loose and the passenger side was hard to close, you had to really put your shoulding into it ... when I got the Van back from them, it had started to rain and it got cold, so I pretty much called it a day and came home.

Today, Dental at the VAMC. It would simply be two cavities, but of course, one is slightly under a gold crown, so it will be a bit more complicated. I dislike going to the Dentist, but I do enjoy having teeth, so I will suck it up. I also have to do some blood work to check my sugar levels. I have been good all week about sugar, so after I get done up there, I am having me some sugar... dont care in what form either.

Then I will go about my normal Tuesday routines.



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