Mar. 2nd, 2017

Tuesday went relatively well, I found some books out a week early, trolled through Toys R Us, and a few other stops, Some stops did not get made. Dentristy was practiced, I go back in two months to get the new crown fitted.

When i got home last night I had a good sized roughy Newt on my walkway. I asked it very nicely to move or it could get stepped on, and it did. The Frogapalooza choir is going hot and heavey after dark, and I have crocus up in my front curb beds.

Put down some more bird seed before leaving today to make a couple of stops and pick up the sister creature so we could do dinner with her ex husbands family and her sons sibling and his family. Turns out one of the family owns Tebo;s and they sold the property and are retiring at the end of the month... so it was eating there one more time.

After dinner the sister and I went grocery shopping and her debit card had expired so I fronted up for her. We also drove to West Linn because a WOW Burger is opening up there on monday, its in the little shopping center by the Walmart grocery story, and we are planning on going., We both love the WOW.

Still achy from the weathers ups and downs, but hoping for better.



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