Mar. 4th, 2017

I had gotten all the bird feeders refilled in the yard. Some of my feeders are in a sorry state, squirrels have chewed up plastic bits and some feeders have hit the ground due to both animal and winds. I have replacement feeders in the garage, but, like spring, its going to be a bit. I need to make sure the big storms are over and I need to work on several of the bases I have my feeder stations on. Due to burrowing animal activity, they tend to bog down a bit, and with all the rains we have had over the past few months, they do need more attention. This year, I will pour more small gravel under them, and the burrowers can work around it.

Friday went well, got up and got to the Focus appointment early. The service was quick, but the so called bad news is that I will need new tires soon. I just got new tires, what, four or five years ago... I will wait until the next tire sale comes around and replace them then. On my way out of the waiting room, I heard one of the lot boys tell my service manager "one of the customers just hit the red...." oh dear. customer on customer fender violence.

Since I was on the west side of town, I went on my extended rounds. All the little stops I need to make but they slip by me. Kitchen Kaboodle for the brussel sprout corer... yeah, they makes stuff like that, I love that store, I would have all the kitchen gadgets and tools if I had the space. Then it was a stop here and a stop there. Finally got the bag of books that a friend gave me to sell for him to the Btown Powells and visited with Peter while I was there, and did some birthday shopping for a friends gift. Of course I got a few things for myself, she says modestly, and because they just didnt have it all there, I ended up my night at the downtown Powells to finish off my list. I was done in by then. I was overheated and starting to get a bit wobbly.

Today, fetch my sunday paper and work on stuff, like a birthday box I have to mail to Miss Annie... thats critical. Then get with the sister creature, she might be actually done with my Van today and shape up plans for Tuesday when we take a one day road trip to Seattle for the Briggs and Bishop signing.



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