Mar. 6th, 2017

Still havent started on the birthday box for Miss Annie... but that will happen eventually.

Mostly read this weekend, and Sunday, the sister creature and I went to the vendors room of the Tarot Symposium and looked at things. I got a very pretty handmade plate with the phases of the moon on it, and some books. Visisted with folks we know. We then went on to New Seasons to find the particular oat bread my sister wants, and they no longer carry it since they have changed distributors. Ended up going to Natural Grocery where she did find something that would do.

Got woken up by the VAMC calling with their robo reminder and then the damn cat puked on the bed.

Bedding is in the wash, and I got stuff to do before going to the evening signing at the Hawthorne Powells. Its a book I was going to give my brother for yule, but the signing kept getting cancelled due to snow and ice. I hope that the third time is a charm.



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