Mar. 17th, 2017

I wish I could draw political satiric cartoons, I would draw a picture of a gate with "Make America Great Again" on it and under the archway, jackbooted thugs would have elephant skulls on their caps and sorting out the people who would have healthcare, clean air, basic human rights, and all the other things that the current administration deems "unneccessary", after hearing last night that Meals on Wheels isnt a proven working program (wasting all that precious taxpayer money) I also think the Coast Guard, with having their budget gutted should no longer provide any coastal support for the Cheeto's protection, since they arent really needed either.

Book Club went well, wednesday I slept ... Thursday I did my PT appt and finally got some yard time in... not much but I did fill the yard bin up with dead stuff.

Today, up to the VAMC for my B12 shot. I have a couple of bills to pay since I didnt have time to mail them (having spend the week in the neighbors mail). The sister creature should take possession of the last garage at her complex, and start to empty her last storage units into it. Its a good thing that we might have sunlight on sunday and monday, I know I am determined to use that time outside myself. I got stuff to plant, things to do out there.



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