Mar. 18th, 2017

Friday was cold and wet, and drivers were stupid, there was an accident on I5 that caused drivers to exit to lesser roads, and that made me a few minutes late for my B12 shot at the VAMC. They clogged the off ramps so cars were at a trickle to get across Barbur.

My regular nurse was off, and I wasnt impressed by her replacement, he kept getting my name wrong despite me correcting him as to pronunciation and using my middle name as my first name. I almost asked for a different nurse if he was that screwed up, how was the rest of his skills?

Ran errands on the way home, paid the last two bills for the month and bought some potted flower starts.

Its sunlight outside, I will go and fetch my sunday paper and then work out in the yard if it doesnt rain anymore.



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