Apr. 1st, 2017

Yesterday was a full day for me outside in the yard. I set a goal for cleaning and planting up the white picket fence bed, which I did accomplish. Granted I didnt do one section because it had so much new growth of perinniels that I couldnt add much to it, other than dirt, and that would have buried most of it if I had. I will go back and deal with it later. I got the rest done, and yes, it needs more dirt here and there, and it was only roots and bulbs so I have to go back and do infill with the plants that will go there. I used up 12 bags of dirt n poo total, I forget how many packets of bulbs and roots I opened, and I found my bag of real saffron bulbs, which had already sprouted, so I had to find a larger pot to put them all in. Hauled a lot of grass and weeds behind the fence.

Today, more planting of bulbs and roots, they will go into pots and tubs and a few select spots in the back yard, and I hope to mow the lawns. There is cleanup and redirting to be done in the garden area too, so I have some things to attack on a very serious effort front. I do have a few veggie starts to get into dirt already. I am hoping that the new spinach variety wont bolt immediately like the others have done in the past.

I made the birds and critters happy, I dumped about 15 pounds of black sunflower seeds out for them in one big pile.

One of my neighbors gave me three bags of glad bulbs, and I in turn gifted him with the bad cedar post that I hadnt gotten rid of yet, he is going to use it for his Mason bee nests.

Finally heard from my Godson on his graduation date, so it looks like going to NYC at the end of May. Starting to work out the details with his Dad on when we will be there.



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