Apr. 2nd, 2017

I had overestimated how much I had done on friday, so when I went out and started to work yesterday, my back protested a lot. It did not work itself out nor stop complaining. So my great ambition was scaled back to "stuff I dont have to lift that weights more than what hurts to lift". Since it was still misting out, I ran my saturday errands, filled the Focus up at the gas station, got my paper and fixings for dinner, and swung by the winter farmers market, which was still pitiful for my needs. Only one plant person was there, and I had all of those already.

the misting finally stopped, and I got more cleanup done. Slowly and gently. I did assemble the new garden arch (after the frantic search for the paper bag with the critical nuts and bolts in it) and got it into place. It was very lightweight, but awkward. I put the window screen back in that the passiflora had pulled out with its over abundant growth too, once I scraped the moss out of the tracks.

Its supposed to start raining again this afternoon, so my plan is to get the lawn mowed and anything else will be nice.

While sitting and watching the birds and critters, I saw a pair of Crenellated Woodpeckers, a Red Winged Blackbird and a very large hawk of some sort. I also saw a pair of very frentic chipmunks diving into the pile of black sunflower seeds, they would zip out of the verge, grab what they could and bound back to safety. At first I thought it was a very small squirrel, until I saw it next to one of the squirrels out there feasting. Nice to know I still have some of them here. I need to get my bird guide out to see who else is here (by name, other than knowing which ones are migratory) enjoying the all you can eat seed diner I run. The little tiny finches are swarming the suet cakes, so I think I need to put more of them out.



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