Apr. 13th, 2017

Tuesday I cut several stops out because I was running slow, but on the way back from Book Club I stopped by where the new Cracker Barrel is opening at on monday the 17th. (its where the old Mr Jiggles club was, down by Cabela's) they have a deep fried menu as it were, but breakfast is available all day long. the sister creature and I discussed when we want to go and try it out. The way its tucked into the complex, I think the parking will be a nightmare until things settle in.

Yesterday, despite the break in the rains, I stayed inside and sorted stuff, I assembled the Kidlet's easter basket and a gift bag for her parents (which reall was stuff I had gotten them for xmas and couldnt find at the time) the mess by the front door is getting reduced and I need to recycle the large amount of plastic bags again.

Today is the AIA lecture in Salem on Tools, langauage and the evolution of the human mind by Kathleen R Gibson, PhD. I am hoping for a quiet drive down, and perhaps a stop or two at some nurseries along I5.



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