Apr. 14th, 2017

I didnt encounter the bad weather that was predicted for thursday, there was some rain, but the drive to Salem was fine. I didnt make any nursery stops due to traffic was denser than I anticipated, and I wanted to eat before the lecture. I went to Amadeus, and had their lamb rack. I also pointed out the typo in their dessert menu (time instead of thyme) when I ordered my creme brule cake. Got a quick run through the Book Bin before heading out to the lecture.

Lecture was interesting, mostly about the ego of naturalists who separated man from the rest of the great apes, and how the definitions kept changing. Quite interesting with the fossil record and actual observations of the other species in the wild.

The drive back was a dry one and I was home by 10.30.

Today, my B12 shot at the VAMC, and I have promised myself a run through the Portland Nursery on the way home. Traffic will be buggered due to work on the Morrison Bridge and some other lane closures. I am noticing that there is more traffic on roads near my place due to the road closure on South End Road because of the road slumping away, which is frustrating because the eediots block the intersection so you cant turn onto Central Point. They arent familiar with the regular dance of traffic and cause delays.



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