Apr. 15th, 2017

Got my B12 shot, and my meds yesterday, I realized I forgot to order one thing, but I can do that next week when I go up for my dental appt.

The people watching was interesting while I was waiting for my meds. There was a woman dressed as Michael Jackson assisting another person in a wheelchair. First thing I noticed was the hair, I thought, thats like Jackson used to wear his... for reference, it was the black pants, red shirt, black boots, black jacket (with sparkly pin) and the black fedora. And thats what the outfit was. I have to say, it was spot on.

Drove to Portland Nursery, traffic was kinda bitchy in places, but lighter than I had expected, I forgot to take into account it was Good Friday and the onset of Easter Weekend. Made it to the Nursery, and got my cart and set to browsing. When I got there, it was blue skies and clear, after I had gone through the sheltered area, it was dark skies and then rain, hail, sunlight, rinse, repeat. I got a lot of new tomato starts and some more lovely flowers. Got some extras for Ru, and I have to pot those into gallons for now.

Meandered home, stopping at Trader Joes and Natural Grocers.

Today, go and get my sunday paper, swing by Wilco for the bird seed they have on sale (til tomorrow) and then back home to hit the yard and garden hard, we only have two days of no rain for now. I got new tubs to drill draining holes in, and dirt to move about. And the stacked flower baskets need pretty things in them. I got lots to do.

Monkey and I have bought our tickets for NYC next month, to see his son graduate from Law School. Yeah, I know the bigger party is when he passes the bar, but this is still a big milestone for him. This is the one I want to see... I know he will pass the bar, he is that darn smart, but this is still special.



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