Apr. 16th, 2017

Got my 200 pounds of bird seed, and my sunday paper and I came back to the house and settled in the driveway to work. I only used up 4 bags of dirt and poo, but I got the rest of the garden beds cleaned up, I only need to freshen up the dirt in one, and have to add more dirt to the herb bed one to raise it up. Cant let the herbs sink down too low. Now I am starting on cleaning up the buckets and containers, I have a few things to go in them right now, so its really looking good. Planted a lot of tomato starts, and I still have a few more to go in, along with a cannelli bean set of starts. Did replant one of the stacked planters, and repotted a bunch of things for Ru into gallon containers, and I up potted the sweet navel orange for T, it was in a way too tiny container and got to appreciate how wonderful the flowers smell. Pulled more of the strawberry runners out of the gravel walkway too. Dumped a lot of weed and dirt debris behind the fence, and if motivated, I need to mow the lawn again already. It always amazes me that once I put a plant into new dirt it seems to get bigger right away.

On one of my many breaks, one of the hawks tried to catch one of the doves, but missed. It was pretty darn close though. Saw a Flicker (or was it a Junco? I need to check my bird pictures) at the feeder, that is the first of the season now. Lots of birds out there, the redwing blackbirds are very pretty and I am listening to all the different bird calls.

Today, more of the same, I still need to get the drill out to put holes in the new tubs, I am debating which of the old tubs I will replace with them. I need to find my asparagus starts for one of the tubs, this year I am paying attention to the fact it likes to be alone, in previous years I have put it in the same raised beds as other stuff and wondered why it never grew. duh.

Tuesday is the Kidlet's 10th birthday, big family dinner out, followed by a frenzy of cake and presents at their house afterwards.

Today is Easter, so it should be quiet out there.



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