Apr. 17th, 2017

I always forget that doing something two days in a row means the second day is half as productive and twice as slow. I only opened two bags of dirt n poo yesterday, I did finish planting the tomatoes and a couple other things, and starting to put things in the 5 gallon buckets that wont go into the raised beds. Got three of the tiered planters cleaned up and replanted, but still have four to go, Each one takes 10 plants, so I dither about the selection of what goes in each one. I also got the two hanging baskets on the garden arch cleaned up and replanted.

Saw the hawk again, this time it was sitting on a branch overlooking the bird feeders in the back yard. I took a picture with my phone, and I can pick it out.

Ended my work outside when it started to rain.

Today, not sure what to do, I think I hear rain outside so getting anything done out there is moot. I do have my bottles to recycle, so I might do that, or not. I need to organize the Kidlet's birthday bag for tomorrow.



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