Apr. 18th, 2017

The sister creature rode with me, and our afternoon went more like "go to the first day of Cracker Barrel" which we did, while the sister was holding our place as it were in line, I returned my glass milk bottles to New Seasons for the refund. Our meal was okay, I dont like grits, and there are some things that I will never eat on their menu, but i went for one of the breakfasts, and it was decent. I did indulge in one biscuit, and it didnt trigger any of my allergies, but, I wont chance it in the future. The gravy was okay, they must make it by the elephant load in the kitchen. There was one error in our service, I had the raspberry ice tea, with no citrus, because of my allergies, and they gave me a raspberry lemonade and I wasnt looking at it right and asked if it had a lemon wedge on it it, and they assured me it had no citrus in it... except for the lemonade part that is.... sigh... They funnel you through their gift shoppe to get into the dining room, and once we got called in, they had us wait about another 5-10 minutes by the hostess station, which was right in front of the scented candles... which started to give me a headache. I had to move away from there, so I stood in front of the candy section instead and admired the "retro" candies... or as I told the cashier later, its not retro... not when you can remember buying it as a kid..

After eating we went on a little expedition down Carman street, to find the fourth WOW Burger off of Kruse, which we did, then we went to recycle our bottles and then home again.

Today, the Kidlet is ten years old, its also New Book Tuesday and my other rituals of the day, I will pick the sister up on the way out, we having dinner at 5pm with Family and then back to the kids house for cake and presents. I fear this is the last year I can buy her fun clothes without her rolling her eyes up at them... she is evolving into a Tween-adona and her own style. Hoodies I can probably get away with for awhile, she loves having a lot of those, and in basic black of course.

Checking the weather, of course on the days I have appts or commitments, its nice weatherish, and on the days I am home, its rain rain rain. (sigh)

I need to get that 200 pounds of bird seed out of the van before I leave the house though.



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