Apr. 21st, 2017

Despite the dark clouds, I went outside yesterday, and one brief shower later, it cleared up and I managed to get a bit more done outside. Potted up some herb starts and worked more on the stacked planters in the walkway. I had to redo the feeding station in the back yard because the burrowing critters had undermined the ground and it tipped over. So, I had to move the station, pry up the paving stone, put filler in the hole, and then replace everything back. Oh, and I had to refill the feeders because after they got tipped over, they were empty. I have two large seed dispensers (with suet) on that station, and they get a lot of bird and squirrel action. It takes time to do this because my feeding stations are the big metal hooks set into a 5 gallon bucket of cement (it gives them height and stability) and are a bitch to move.

I really wanted to get the weed whacker out to trim the lawn edges, but the grass is a bit long and was very wet.

Today, despite being one of the best days of the year so far.. sigh.. I have a VAMC Dental appointment, I think I get my new crown today. But, I hope to get back and get a couple hours of yardtime before dark.



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