Apr. 23rd, 2017

I never got any yard time on friday due to traffic ... I was 15 mintutes late for my dental appt, between bridge and road closures and someone having an accident, things were all screwed up. Despite my tardiness, they did see me and I got my new crown. They had to bevel on it a bit to get it to fit right, but, its good as the gold its made out of.

Getting home was just as bad for traffic, and by the time I pulled into the driveway, I was exhausted.

Yesterday, I rolled out of bed with goals in mind. I spent about 7 hours total outside, but I was taking a lot of breaks. slow and steady even. I had a couple of deviations from my plan, one section of the back fence had shifted and popped out of its tracks. I knew I couldnt dig new fence post holes to correct the problem but I did wrangle the section back into place (thank goodness it was a smaller section) and I used scrap wood and three inch nails to keep it together. At some point I have to replace about half of the back fence, the posts shift when the ground does, and they lean .. a lot.

I got the stacked planters replanted and a few other pots and things done, I weed whacked the boarders on the front and back lawns, I only had to replace the filiment once on it. I found a low spot in the back lawn by one of the gutters, and a critter hole nearby, I need to fill that in soon. I moved things that had sat since last fall, and did a bit of trimming on the california lilac, its reaching for the gutters. Refilled bird feeders yet again. I didnt get the lawn mowed, that will have to wait. I hauled over eight 5 gallon buckets of dirt and weed debris behind the fence too. I moved some plants to where they will get put into dirt, but for now, they are in situ for the next step, it also gets them out of the way from the plants that dont have a current home figured out yet.

I did a bit of time in the garage, I had to find the weed whacker, and I had to reach the box that had an old printer in it that was farther back in. I was moving the old pebbles in the sea cave .. I found a middle school that does ecycle for their Robotics Team, and they take old printers, phones and some electronics for parts and to recycle them for profit for the Team. and fancy this, they having an ecycle event on the 29th in Gladstone. I have my almost dead old printer (sitting in the middle of the floor in the cats bathroom at the moment) to take in, and one of my neighbors has a printer that needs to go away too. I am asking a couple other neigbhors if they have something to go, since I am already going.

I also have a few things to go to Restore (its a Habitat for Humanity storefront) so I might make a real recycle day out of it. If I get up in time.. sigh.

Today is the Stephan Pastis signing out in Beaverton, at least thats at 4pm. If its not raining, I will come home and hopefully get the lawn mowed before it becomes a wildlife sanctuary. I could also assemble the last few solar art pieces and get them out in the side yard. Or not. Grin.

I feel pretty decent today, not as stove up as the last couple of times I worked outside, and I have one itchy spot on one foot due to the grass allergy. Not bad at all.



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