Apr. 24th, 2017

I made it to the signing, I was an hour early and the place was almost full. Stephan Pastis is very popular. He gave a pretty cool slideshow.. well since it was on a computer, that would make it powerpoint.. and he only signed two books.

Picked up the bilingual French dictionary for Ru, and a couple of things for me, and stopped at Trader Joes for a couple of food items.

The weather was very different from Saturday, and it was cold and wet and rainy. I didnt do anything once I got home, I was in the fugue state of discomfort for sitting so long at the event and in the Van, so I just reclined with the Resident Evil Feline. there wasnt much on tv either, so I read for a bit.

Today, there is an ARCE lecture by Dr. Aidan Dodson on The King's Tomb in Ancient Egypt, he is a very good speaker and I have some of his books to get signed.

I also need to get Ru's books and the seed packets I have for her wrapped up and to the Post Office.



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