Apr. 25th, 2017

It just keeps on raining here.. sigh, I love the rain, but I would like a few more sunny days so I can finish planting things first. And mow the lawn.

The tulips are blooming, all the different colors and kinds. With plunking a few flowers here and there its starting to fill in. I look at the hollyhock starts, they are so short and small, but I know that they will grow and reach up.

the lecture last night was interesting to me, the chronology of the Kings Tombs (if he had done every dynasty it would have been a very long lecture) and how the tomb and the mortuary temples expanded and contracted, design and function. It piqued my interest in Hatshepsut's mortuary temple complex and area, I hadnt realized that there was another Kings temple there. I had been aware that there were other structures in that area, and some courtiers tombs. My sister went with me to the lecture, she had a good time, she isnt as mad about Egypt as I am, so I like it when she doesnt hate it.

I finally got to try the Starbucks Unicorn Frap, its more like liquid tart Jolly Rancher candy, one friend had described it more Sweet Tart like.

Today, New Book Tuesday.

I got woke up early, they are weed whacking the greenspace behind my house, and they of course started at the end by my place... so not quiet. It lead to odd dreams about my back fence collapsing.



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