Apr. 27th, 2017

There was a break in the rain yesterday afternoon, so I mowed the lawn. It was wet. It was High, and the lawn mower wasnt happy with any of it. Yeah, I should have adjusted the base up and then mowed it twice, but, that entails bending over to make the adjustments. So I just kept unclogging the machine. Most of the grass never made it into the hopper, but, the job got done. I even did my part of the lot next door where I throw the birdseed.

Its been so wet, that I had an ant nest inside the lid of my yard bin. The ground is too soggy for them.

I didnt do anything else after mowing the lawn. All the strain on the back made it a bit touchy, and any further yard work would have put it into protest mode, which is very unpleasant. So, I went back inside and wrote out May bills. I cant find one of the bills, but I need to go to the post office and check my box there. I havent been in a bit.

I also need to finish boxing up things. so to mail while I am there. That is todays objective, along with getting the trash and the yard bins to the curb.

I made the sister take me to dinner last night since it was her payday. We tried the O'Sushi place on 82nd. Liked their gyoza but their spring rolls werent cooked right for my tastes. Then I took her grocery shopping and she scored her particular bread on sale, so her freezer is now full.



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