Apr. 29th, 2017

I worked outside til sunset, well.. once I got outside that is. I got quite a bit done, but, there is still lots to go. I used six bags of dirt n poo, topping off tubs and pots once I got them cleaned up and replanted. Got more bulbs and roots planted too, only found two bags of smooshy things in that collection.

I took a break to clean out the Van of all the stuff from the trunk of the Focus, and then loaded up the three old printers for todays ecycle. I trusted my sister to take care of that and the regular shred too. I will find out when I go outside to see if the van has moved and the stuff is gone.

Today, more work outside, doing the planters that live on the deck railings, and potting up the herb starts I got at Al's on thursday. Uh, and maybe some of the other things I got there too.. grin. I need to see if the water catchment attachments fit the new hanging baskets, and I can get them hung up too.

The back isnt happy with me, but, there is sunlight out there... going to take it slow.



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