Apr. 30th, 2017

Got some things done yesterday that made up for the things I didnt do that I had planned on. More progress in planting bulbs and such, and potting things up for the garden. Only used four bags of dirt n poo up, which leaves me about 12 now sitting in the driveway. The back is very twitchy in the sense that its just threatening not to work again, ever. The bending and the lifting portion of my day was limited in what I could move about. I did get most of the little mini cucumbers planted in the containers I had bought last year and I did a lot of weeding. Refilled bird feeders and watched the birdies.

The last hour of the day was a light drizzle, but if you kept moving you really didnt get wet. My best moment of the day was seeing the Tigger Kitty come and cruise my yard around the bird feeders, checking out all the critter holes and hidey spots. Guess that the good weather meant his hunting instincts were kicking in again.

My one moment of panic was when I first went outside and realized I didnt have either of my vehicles at my house, and I didnt have a garage door opener with me. This is why I got the outside keypad for my garage.

The sister creature didnt bring back my van until 6pm, I figured she would be up to something while she had it. She told me the kids were excited about getting three dud printers for their ecycle. Sorta made her the hero of the hour. she also checked if they took old phones (the house variety, they already say they take cell phones) and she was excited too, she is going to get her big bin of old phones out and donate to them. Since she worked for the phone company, lets just say she has fifty years of old phones to dispose of.

Today, its not raining, but the sister and I have a dunch date at 3 with her former sister in law at Tebo's, they close in a day or two for good. I did pick out my memory bit from their goods, I am getting two of the Tebo's trays that have their logo on them.

Its going to be a busy week, I need to stay alert and not forget where I have to be on any day.



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