May. 3rd, 2017

Just trying to get things done, monday I adulted and finally changed the paperwork on my IRAs so that I have my Youngest Nieces name off of things. It was amazingly difficult to do, first in deciding how to change who gets the accounts if there is anything left in them when I die, and that by taking my nieces name off of them, its accepting that she really died last year. Gave copies to involved parties when I was done.

Went to Lowe's and priced pieces for the new improved white picket fence, and yes, they do have 12 foot 4x4's.. my brain is getting quite creative.

Today, I had PT, and ran errands and of course New Book Tuesday, and it was very good to me. I want to be reading four books all at the same time.

Tomorrow, out early, driving down to Mac to help T set up the files for a new client of hers, she needs the help with the first bits but once its organized, she is always brilliant at the work.

Getting through today was harder than I expected, Daddys birthday, his wedding anniversary to his 4th wife, and the second observance of Mother dying. We tend to cluster in my family.



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