May. 8th, 2017

Worked in the yard til after 7pm, I mostly focused on the garden area, I just bout have all the garden things planted, and once that is done, I will then turn my attention on the flower portion. First off today though is to mow the lawn, since having several hot days the damn stuff grew. I also have to refill all the bird feeders. I had swifts in the air yesterday, swooping about.

the kids also returned my Focus yesterday afternoon, they finally got the tire sorted out on their car, and they leave for Disneyland on wednesday.

The yard is looking good, except for the weeds and the grass of course, but, lots of growth and fading into the next round of blooming things. I have buds on the iris, and stalks are gaining in height on other plants. Lush foliage.. oh yes.

Planning a trip to Salem to see Ru this week too.



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