May. 9th, 2017

Got the lawn mowed.

Got the bird feeders refilled, put out seed blocks and suets, and my seed bins are stocked up. (I have two of the charcoal storage containers that I use for birdseed, they just work so well.)

Planted the remaining things for the garden with a few notaible exceptions that will be planted elsewhere. Got some of the flowers planted, but it was a lot of cleanup and the hauling of pots which was exhausting.

The yard bin is full, the recycle bin is just about full, I can get some more empty plant containers in there though. The driveway is just a disaster, and now I have to water things again, and I havent hooked up the hoses yet this year.

I am mobile, which is a good thing, today is New Book Tuesday and Book Club.

Made arrangements with Ru to meet up in Salem on Thursday, which gives me another day to work in the yard, they say it should rain on thursday, which is nice if it waters the garden and the flowers.

My wisteria is blooming. My witch hazel has leafed out, the tulips are just about over, but the next wave of flowers is starting. The slugs are starting to roam freely, the tadpoles are still with me, and I saw my first garter snake in the garden... it was moving very swiftly.

Starting to measure for the new improved white picket fence. It looks like I will go from five sections to six since I am using up some free plastic fencing, but thats better in my book, with my plans for having sections that open up like gates, I want less stress on the pieces.



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