May. 12th, 2017

Thursday did well, picked up the sister, picked up Eldest Niece, met Ru and her hubby in the parking lot of Wallyworld and passed over plant hostages. And seeds, and books. Normally she would have been up at least once to my place and taken such things as compensation for helping me in the yard, but with her medical setback earlier in the year, thats not happening until her docs clear her to drive alone.

Dinner was at Amadeus, and it was wonderful as usual. A quick spin through Book Bin and then home.

We saw goslings, too bad they are canadian ones..

Today, VAMC appt, and discovered that I can only get a 30 day supply of pseudofed at one time due to the fact its a controlled substance these days, and like I would give up breathing to make meth.. sigh.. I want a snot free world please.

Did a bit of new plant therapy, found purple datura and white sage, but sadly, no tiny mice.

Hoping for some sun breaks in the next few days.
saw something on the TV at the VAMC while I was waiting for drugs, and there was talk that El Cheeto was going to try having loyalty oaths.. to him...

When taking any govt office or position, you sign a lot of papers, you take oaths to defend the Constitution, you sign non disclousre and security binders.. if there is a loyalty oath to an individual, we will lose our country for sure.

I also heard that El Cheeto still retains his own personal security people (one delivered Comeys termination document) and I wonder if the govt is paying for that little perk too.

He needs to be impeached.



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