May. 17th, 2017

You would think giving a cat gabapenten would chill it out. Nope, he just walks into walls while he is cranking away on the death threats.

The vet appointment took ninety minutes, we ended up gassing the cat into cooperation, and he finally got his blood work done, his shots and getting his claws clipped. My sister went with me, to meet my vet and be up to date on the kitty and what is going on with him, so when I am in NYC next week, she knows what to do. He isnt quite asthmatic, but is probably having allergies. I need to step up my decontamination from when I am working outside, plus I really should dust and vacumn inside.

The headache stayed with me the entire day, but after dropping the cat back at the house, my sister drove and we got a few errands accomplished, I picked up the rest of the stuff from the VAMC pharmacy and did a few of the sisters errands. We had dinner out, and when I got home the kitty was all about ignoring how his day went, and was nice to me. I wonder what he is up to.

Today, if its not raining, working outside.



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