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My back is starting to spasm more often than not.

Monkey arrived, Monkey got taken to Salem, more work on his tat, I took him to the ER because he was having a moment, and once he got rehydrated and his blood sugars lower, things were better.

Monkey went home a day early, it was just better for him to do so. He had a nice birthday if you take out the ER visit.

Sister and I went to the Andrews signing and then home. Between the train station and the signing we stopped at the downtown Powells, the cemetery to visit our niece's grave (the stone is in, and it looks like its going to be the family plot from the blanks on the stone) and Cornell Farms where I picked up a few plants, a zonal citrus that can be planted in the ground, and the garden statue of the devil playing fiddle that I have been eyeing for years, and it was marked way way down. I have no idea when I will be able to get it out of the van due to how heavy it is. I will figure something out eventually. And a quick stop at Home goods where I found plastic yard art that wont kill me to move, and a couple of windchines, one of which is a jellyfish. I am pleased.

I am still tired, I have paid bills, I have made appts as best I can, because when dealing with the VAMC one must be ever wary and do a hell of a lot of double checking, I still waiting on them to get back to me about the mammorgram and my orthoics fittings because the paperwork wasnt done or done right. I do have my Naturopath, my MRI, my Neuro, and something else taken care of.

Today, walk without whimpering too much, I have stuff to do, preferably outside. Watering needs to occur.



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