Tuesday at the VAMC... its like packing for an expedition into the unknown. I didnt sleep well since I had to get up so early by my standards. But, I got up there and actually found a decent parking spot and was 16 minutes early for my appt. I checked in and proceeded to wait.. and wait.. and wait. It was over an hour before I got my own exam room. then another 15 minutes or so before I got the Baby Doc.. seems my Neuro now has an apprentice. But, my MRI was clean, and we discussed life and brain post surgery. I will be seen again next year.

I then dealt with Physical therapy, the Mammogram issue, Orthotics, my own doctors team, and a round with Patient Advocacy. Upshot is, I have the packet authorizing my mammogram in the mail to me, I have a new consult for physical therapy and an appt, I have a number to call for my orthotics since now I have my own special contact for that sort of thing.. which is nice, but it would have been better to have been aware how they have changed the system .. which I do have to call today and chat about my special needs.

I got out of there by 12.30. I called my sister and we agreed to meet downtown OC to eat at Yvonne's which only does breakfast and lunch and closes by 2 on weekdays. We squeeked in, my drive back from the VAMC took forty minutes. We both had eggs benedict, and they were good. We have decided that we will go back, the only downside beside the hours is that parking downtown sucks. After that, we went on my regularly scheduled Tuesday things, picked up six more bags of bird seed (on sale) at BiMart, and checked for new books.. we ended up having a light snack at Burgeryville before I took the sister creature back to her place.

Then I watered.

Wednesday I slept hard, and if the robocall hadnt come in, I doubt I would have gotten up... since I had arraigned to drive up to Longview to take my Wicked Evil Stepmommy out for some light shopping and a meal, I had to hustle my butt out of here. I made it by 2ish, the drive was pretty good. Only saw police once on the southbound side of 5, and once going north, and they had just stopped someone as I passed. I dont have to be the fastest vehicle on the road these days, just the second one...grin.

Had a lovely time with the WE, I hauled her used books out to the van and we went to the local used bookstore (there is no other bookstore per se in the area) and browsed. I did good, I found lovely things for myself, and my stepmom found other things. I have her leftover used books, I will take them to see if I can trade down here .. I have a list of things to get for her, and I recommended some authors and stuff to her. Got her hooked on the Lee & Miller Liaden books, so I now have to get the series (and the reading order for her) and I gave her the complete lists for Aunt Dimity, China Bayles and Meg Lansdwn series. It was so much easier when we lived closer (and before she had moved down to CA, and then back up to Longview) where I would just load up a bag of books and let her pick out stuff. She has her own tastes in books, but she is always happy to entertain what I would suggest.

After a early dinner at STuffys, and I got my birthday cards from her, I took her back to her place and visited some more, her niece was home, so we caught up. Then I drove back. I was pretty tired by then, and didnt water outside, but went and laid down. Caught up on some other phone calls, a friends grandmother had died, my Goddaughter had dropped the clutch out of her car.. .

Today, its trash day, I got some phone calls to make and I would like to get some yard time in ..
The sister creature and I made it to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. A fun movie, but, with all the money spent on special effects, they could have made it a tighter cut, rather than go on and on with the pretty lights. Stayed through the credits, otherwise would have missed the little snippets. Loved Teen Groot.

We had a salad at the Chezcake Factory, we will be so pleased to have one on the east side later this year, mostly due to my being unable to get up very early and so we miss things like breakfast and brunch. Well, I miss them, my sister does get up early...

Am awaiting a response from my brother if he and his wife want to meet me for a casual dinner on saturday, since its my birthday and all. The sticky wicket part of this is that their daughters birthday was the 4th, and the weekend was all about her, so we shall see how it goes. We always had a family party for her (and I was included, but, she got the cake, not me) so they are still going through the first after her death events. I would like to have some acknowledgement of my birthday, so, ... it gets a bit complicated. But it would be nice if both my siblings would be there.

Today, a whole less hot, and I need to write out july bills and make VAMC phone calls. Tomorrow, I see my Neuro and we go over my MRI and my 2.5 years since the removal of the old brain tumor. Watering of the yard and garden are on the list too.
Got the stuff out of the van, and then cleaned a bit in the house, didnt get much done, but I did use up some of the new coat hangers.

Once it got past 7pm I did get outside and watered... my poor yard and garden looked a bit crispy.

Today, might go to the movies with the sister creature.
Late yesterday afternoon, I decided I needed more coat hangers, so I picked up my sister and away we went. We did a few of my errands and some of hers, had dinner at the new Asian seafood buffet on 82nd (not bad, but, not a lot of things I will eat) and came home.

Today, its supposed to be 100 degrees, so I wont be going anywhere. I do need to get the coat hangers out of the van though.
Had another sleep disrupted by robocalls yesterday. May the Ghods of Telephony curse them.

Went and got more barkdust from Lowe's, they have started a nice sale on it, and picked up 10 bags for the neighbor. I need to unload the van today before the temps get too high. Decided to soothe my savage inner child (she was still quite grumpy by then) and went to Portland Nursery and picked up some new plants, a couple of tomatoes I didnt have, a chinese artichoke (have no clue what it is, but, I will look it up) and some flowers, found Bat Faced Cuphea, and got a couple of those, but I havent yet found any Tiny Mice this year.

Came home via Trader Joe's, and was exhausted. Met up with the sister creature at 9pm for a snack and I listed to her day of dealing with her mother.

Lots of things to do today, but, will just take my time.
The post office was out of the solar stamps, but they should be getting more in next week.. sigh.

Didnt really do much outside yesterday, hacked on the quince shrubbery (that wants to be a tree) and weeded here and there.. didnt plant anything. Watered everything.

Helped my neighbor, her small chest freezer died, and I went to Home Despot with her to buy a replacement, which fitted so neatly into the back of the van. Didnt have my handtruck, but I did have a furniture dolly to move it with. The freezers now are so very light.

Talked with my Wicked Evil Stepmommy, I will go up to Longview next week to take her out shopping, the local used bookstore and out to eat.
I didnt buy any new books on Tuesday, I might go into shock or something.

Made my rounds, forgot to go to the post office to get the new solar stamps.. they might be sold out already but I will check today.

I did get to Costal, and they had the 40 pound bags of black sunflower seeds in stock and on sale. Checked at Michaels to see if they started putting out Halloween stuff yet, and they said maybe next week.

Discovered that they are putting in a Chezcake Factory at the Clack Mall, no date available.. which will be nice, since thats a fave happy hour for the sister creature and myself.

I need to work outside today, with the heat coming this weekend, I wont be out in it..
I had three more robocalls before noon yesterday, which hozed up my sleep pattern, and I didnt get up til almost 2 in the afternoon because of it.

It was hot yesterday, by my standards... I didnt work out in the yard because of that, but I did empty out the Focus and the Van of things. Now to put them away or at least in the room they should go to. I collected my pop bottles for recycle and got them out to the Van. Ran a couple of minor errands, turns out Wilco is out of black sunflower seed except in the small 10 pound bags, so I will have to try Coastal to get my supply replenished. Picked up the sister creature and her bottles and away we went. We dont do the Bottle Drop here in town, its hot and icky to start with, and they dont have shopping carts for the bottles, which is what sister and I prefer. We went to the Market of Choice over in West Linn and did our thing. Sister spent her refund on yogurt and bananas, I got some locally made picked onion slices and spicy asparagus. We then stopped to eat at Bugattis.

By the time I got back home and started to water it was after 930pm. I did admire my solar lights ... and I let the sprinkler run in the garden. I do need to put the soaker on the grapes, and I have to put out more plant food.

Today, New Book Tuesday! And the Solstice!

...and still too hot, and the weekend is predicted to be in the 90s ...
I got the lawn mowed, I got the front and back edges weed whacked.. this took most of my time and energy. It was hot out there, I even sweated through the hat band of my sun deterrent hat. Once I got the lawn portion done, it was refill all the bird feeders.

I did a bit of cleaning up here and there, I did finally move the 6 bags of bark dust that have sat in the backyard for over six months (trust me, the lawn back there is trashed anyways) and got all the obstacles out of the way. Got the majority of plastic bags corralled from out in the garage and will consolidate them all into larger bags for recycling, and the pop bottles for the return.

I need to call my physical therapist for an appt, she hasnt called me back yet and June is half over now, and my right rotor cuff is impinging my right arm in a very uncomfortable way, and restricting movements.
Saw where Stephan Furst just died of complications of diabetes... sigh.. one more of the B5 cast gone..

I didnt feel very good today, dont know if it was because of the injected contrast for the MRI, or because I got a bit overheated at the book fair, but, today was meh.

MRI was done quickly, and I got to the book fair before my friend. We walked the entire show, I found a few treasures, a book on Egypt from the 1890s that I didnt have and a non fic on werewolves. Got one or two others, but, I was trying to be good about buying too many things and just focusing on quality as it were. Saw lots of pretty things, but .. trying to be good.

Met up with the sister creature for dinner and then took Th back to his car and I came home.

today, saw Ru and her hubby after the warrior dash she did today, admired her medallion too. Gave over the plants and the solar mole deterrants to her, and the spare bathroom sink/countertop I had gotten from one of my neigbhors who was going to throw it away. I try to reuse or recycle things.

Tomorrow I need to mow the lawn, thats a given.. anything else that would get done will be all bonus.
Van is back home, rental car is back to dealership... I had forgotten that the new car smell triggers my allergies..

Blood work got done, but it took several tries, the tech kept telling me my veins were "rolling" and finally got a needle in the back of my hand to take blood.

I did my errands, returned the duplicate book I had bought, and treated myself to happy hour at the Oswego Grill. I was disappointed in the focaccio bread, it had the wrong texture. Something was wrong on I5, so I just stayed off the road for awhile. It was even bad after 7pm.

so, today... MRI at 2pm, and then meeting up with my friend Th at the Rose City Book n Paper fair afterwards. I have some paperbacks for him of books he was looking for, and we will see how the fair goes, and where we eat afterwards. The sister creature may come with, she hasnt made up her mind yet.
My van didnt need the brake job, there was a miscommunication between the tech and the computer when they did the original checking..so brakes didnt get done. They did have the door assembly to replace the faulty one in the slider... but.. and forgive me for not taking notes, the door kept breaking while they were doing the work.. and I kept laughing every time my service dude was telling me the next bit that broke... it was two or three things on the door ... so, I am driving a 2017 hybrid with only 330 miles on it at the moment... supposedly the Van will be fixed today at some point.

Its a good thing I shelled out for that extended warranty.

So, today, get blood work done for tomorrows MRI, and do a bit of browsing while waiting for the call from the dealership.
The appointment for the Focus to get new tires yesterday took almost two hours instead of the one I was promised. But, it has new shoes! I did get the extended warranty on them, which includes free tire rotations for the life of the tires.

Book prey was hunted and obtained. Book club was good, and then I came home.

today, I have the appointment for the Van to get new rear brakes and the drivers side slider door to be looked at, since it doesnt want to open at all. Its probably a sensor issue and I fully expect to be told that the parts are on order for it. sigh. For the old days when dealerships had all the parts for the things they repaired. Back then, it was a very rare thing to order a rare part, and it ususally had to come from the Factory.. in Germany.. (well, my folks worked for a VW dealership at the time),,,,
As with most second days in a row outside, it wasnt as productive due to no rest between events. It was very overcast and coolish, but, I got more things planted, and I put the last of the dirt and poo into the wheelbarrow for mixing up. Did more of the weeding that needed to be done (when weeds obscure the front of the gas meter, one should do something) and more of other things. Replaced one tub that was just breaking apart, the plastic was so old, and dumped out another one completely because of all the weedy roots in it. Of course all this takes extra time, having to do it bits at a time, rather than in one fell swoop. Dumped old dirt behind the fence, and cut back some blackberry limbs trying to come through the back fence.

Watched the quail and saw the Blue Heron fly overhead. There was a hummingbird out trying to mug flowers. The tadpoles are getting more flippers and less tail.

The yard bin had settled, so I got it full to the brim. I doubt I will get any yard work done before friday between appts and the possible rain events on thursday. I also have a bump in the road as for my MRI on friday, they called to confirm, and its now at 2pm not 4pm, and I have to get the blood work done at the West Linn OPC now beforehand. The scheduler didnt know how that happened and offered to resked, but, I already have my followup appt with my Neuro made, so that wont work.

Today, Book Club, New Book Tuesday (I have my eyes on some very fine book prey today), and the Focus gets new tires, and I really should clean it out before I leave the house..
By the time I got motivated to leave the house saturday, it was way late, I had finally gotten to talk to my Wicked Evil Stepmommy after four days of leaving msgs. She had been ill .. I then declared what was left of Saturday to be a holiday and got the sister and we went off adventuring. Visited the new Al's in Wilsonville and got BBQ takeout (they were closing for the day) at Slicks. It was also alternating between sunlight and lots of rain. The BBQ was good, just meat and seasonings.

Today, overcast, but dry, so I hustled outside and worked in the garden area and planting things. I also finally dismembered the orange honeysuckle plant, it had three separate stems in the pot so I hacked at it and got three plants out of it... which I up potted to see if they survived. Lots more weeding and moving round of pots and things. Admired the tadpoles that I have in a tub.. just kept plugging away at things. I got all but some mexican gherkins planted so I think the garden is now good. Until I buy something else for it.

Had to intervene at one point, Tigger kitty was in my yard, being the mighty hunter and grabbed a fat chipmunk, so I was hustling as fast as I could yelling at him to drop the critter, he actually lost control of it trying to wiggle out under the back fence, and the chipmunk took off at lightening speed on its own. I got complaints from the cat and nada from the chipmunk.

Positioned several pots of flowers for tomorrow.. getting things in perspective for planting. I saw flowers on my bisexual kiwi vines, which is a first and I saw a bud on my older pomegranante tree. I am hoping having two of them will result in more than flowers.

My orange beets are ready to be pulled, and I am going to get some of my spinach too. Got the datura all planted and eyeing what to do for more infill on some pots and tubs. I got some holes in my planters due to deceased plantlife. Ate a couple of the hula strawberries too.

Tomorrow, more yardtime outside. The yard bin was practically full by the end of today, so I might have to get a yard bag to fill up. Used up four bags of dirt and poo today too.
I did not make it to the movies on Thursday, my back was spasming, I have come to the conclusion that its the weed pulling that is causing the problem. I had filled the yard bin almost completely full with pulled weeds and it was alot. I will try not to pull, but to scrape or hoe them out for now. I did little errands on the way home and then finished trash prep and got my bins to the curb.

Friday, the VAMC never learns... never call me before noon and wake me up. Mostly it was a scheduling issue at the VAMC that I had nothing it do with, one could call it an internal power struggle. But, I was late to my appt by a few minutes because I groggily thought they had called to cancel...which they didnt, they wanted me to come in 3 hours early for my shot because the scheduler had double booked my nurse. I got to listen to her vent about it, but, thats cool, I would too. Picked up my stuff from pharmacy, this time they got the order right, sometimes I wonder about their inability to read the damn perscription.

Wandered home, I stopped at ABoy on Barbur and admired where someone had tried to make their plant area a drive thru, the chain link fence was bowed mightily, then to New Seasons to pick up a couple of items, and when chatting with my sister, I had to make a stop at the dollar store to look for a 2017 pocket calendar for her mother (yeah, just wait til June to get the 2017 item..sigh) which I found one at Office Max next door. Had a bit of fun in Ace Hardware, I picked up another Datura plant and a cement bunny with upright ears.

Its been raining today, its too late to go to the Farmers Market, and I have little energy to try. I do need to get my Sunday paper though, and drop stuff off at the sister creatures.
The lawn did not get mowed. I did haul more pots out of the garden area, did some cleanup and mint pulling. replanted the assorted pots and thought about where to plant the flowers. My ambition was greater than what I did, but, it was still a good day, despite me realizing I had no other dirt than what was in the wheelbarrow, so I took a quick trip to Home Despot and picked up more dirt n poo.

Put up a small outdoor hanger arm for the flying pig solar windchime by the roses for Daddy and Youngest Niece, because as we all know, Pigs can Fly! because they have pilots licenses. There is a half opened rose on the Stainless Steele, it is a very light lavender and it does have a delicate scent.

My iris have about bloomed out, and the trumpets on the foxglove are dropping off. I should be getting more flowers into pots and such, and I am looking for the next bloomers to come on. The bees are quite busy out there.

I ended my day outside a bit early, it started to sprinkle and increase gradually. I listened to it rain all night long. I dont think its raining at the moment, so I guess I can get my bins to the driveway to fill up and take to the curb later today.

I have an appt this afternoon, and if its raining again, I might go to the movies.
Did all my New Book Tuesday errands, picked up a bunch of cozy mysteries, the new solar gazing ball for the garden area, my prepaid mulch, got two more of the telescoping water sprinklers, I will figure out how to adjust the spray arc yet!, a 16 inch flagstone base for the new yard art, and my comixs.

Once I got home, I rubbed a couple of brain cells together to figure out how to get the heavy garden art of the devil playing a fiddle out of the back of the van. It took two men to get it there, I guess I can do better. They were lifting dead weight, so I needed to be smarter. And I did. by using my 2/3's filled with dirt wheelbarrow I rolled the statue out of the van and into the barrow, and to its new spot in the side yard. Wrangling it out of the barrow and onto its flagstone base was a bit trickier, but, gravity this time was our friend. The worst part was getting the statue to face front and be centered but, it happened. I didnt spring my back, or strain something I need. I sat outside and was quite smug for a bit. I turned on the sprinkler in the garden, and hand watered the rest of the beds and the unplanted things.

Today, supposedly the last day of sunlight for a few, so I need to get more things planted, mowing the lawn would be nice, but, not sure if that would be harmful to me... showing along the mower might twinge the back more. We shall see, I will plant away and arrange stuff in the garden, the grass in the flower beds is about 2 feet high, so I can pull it out easier now. And the weeds have flowers so they are quite easy to find. All the bulbs and roots I planted over the past month are starting to come up, which is a nice sight. I have buds on the lillies and I see fruit coming on the apple and pear, and I saw some blueberries! and a couple of strawberries!

Now to get out there.
The Black Panther plant is an agapanthus.. sigh.. brain skippy..
Manged to get the new sprinkler operational, but I need to figure out how to move the arc on it. The instructions are interesting and make no sense.

Today, had appt with my Naturopath, got a change in stuff from her, and I have an appt in August with a Master Herbalist. Western medicine is pretty much poison to me, so I have to seek alternatives to keep going.

After my appt, I did a lot of little errands, and a quick side trip to Gardeners Choice on 99 where I got a replacement black panther agastache, my other one didnt survive the winter, and the tub got over run by hula berries.

Swung by Ford, I needed a new battery for the van key fob, and I made appts next week for both the Focus to get new tires, and for the Van to get new rear brakes and for them to figure out what is wrong with the drivers side slider door... I am realistic, whatever they find, they will need to order some part to fix it. also made appt with the financial lady at the bank about Mothers IRA that I got, time to move stuff around as it were..

Tomorrow, its Tuesday! Yeah for new books! getting a new solar ball for the garden...
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