2017-07-26 02:49 pm

(no subject)

Got New Books aquired... my Precious.

Checked on the sister creature and she is convinced that taking the cough syrup will slow her healing process because she needs to cough up everything in her lungs, even if it might be her liver or pancreas. I would argue with her about this, but, I would have better luck convincing a wall or a cat that I have value.

I got things to do today here in the house. I should do them.
2017-07-25 01:15 pm

(no subject)

Yesterday, instead of lounging about the house in my jammies, I had to get dressed to take the sister creature to the ER .. she has a viral chest infection.

I got home right before ten, so I got to watch Midnight TX on tv.

Today, New Book Tuesday, and I am already tired. But, things to do...
2017-07-24 02:29 pm

(no subject)

Between the heat and having things to do, and getting home late... the internets has been ignored.

Reynaud's is a very fussy thing, I like to refer to it as "Goldilocks Disease" because its so damn limiting. Not too hot, not too cold.. which leaves such a narrow window of comfort. With the temps here in the 80s or higher, I just cant function very well. Or its just slow and sweaty... and I dont sweat.

Friday I got errands run, and things collected. But it was late when I got home,and barely got stuff in the fridge.

Saturday, the sister creature and I picked up the Kidlet for her belated birthday trip to Powells and dinner of her choice. We had great parking karma.. in the shade even. Kidlet got some graphic novels, more Percy Jackson, Amulet, Firewings, and I tossed in a couple of books, a Pinkwater... we got a thing on the upcoming solar event with glasses... and of course, we got her book shopping done, and we did a bit for ourselves, I found more books in series for our Wicked Evil Stepmom, and we then went to dinner at Saylors. I got a great parking spot there too, without having to circle the parkinglot. My prime rib had more fat on it than I cared for, but it was still a good meal. We were to take the Kidlet to her Uncle's house in Canby, her parents were off being solo adults. We had to stop at the sisters apt on the way there, she had to use the bathroom ... lets just say, we were delayed, and when it was time to leave, due to a misscommunication between the sister and myself, she got locked out of her place. I didnt have the spare keys with me, but we would deal with it later.

Neither one of us had the address in Canby, but the Kidlet kinda remembered how to get there, and we did. I recognized the nicely groomed shrubberies first. It was her Aunt's birthday, so we hung out there until Eldest Nephew and his wife showed up. Transferred over her book loot and we went to my place where I got the spare keys and then took the sister home to her apt where i let her in.

Sunday, got up before I was completely rested, made dip for the family party, put the sprinkler on in the garden and did some serious hand watering out front.. still have a lot to do though. Picked the sister up and we went to Brothers house for our Wicked Evil Stepmom's 80th birthday party. It was just immediate family. We had a nice time visiting, telling stories, bbq dinner, and then cards presents mini bundt cakes and more. I will give a little grumble that my sister in law is hogging all the time with our stepmom while she is down here, but, I can give her that. I can always drive up to Longview to see her and do stuff. So, I wont see her before they take her back to Longview tomorrow.

Today, dont know, its going to be 90. Ick. Slept in late and really dont feel like doing squat. My sister in law made a suggestion where to find someone to do my little paver patio out front, but I am thinking that can wait for a cooler day.
2017-07-21 02:51 am

(no subject)

I got up later than expected today, and made the decision to just get outside and start on the Fence Project. Otherwise, I wouldnt. Yesterday I had gotten all the new fence posts painted Purple. I refilled bird feeders, I spray painted flamingos...

Today I got all the tools, shovels, six foot pry bar, yard bin, containers for dirt, a bucket of assorted tools... and the 12 foot post. I started off by removing fence sections and digging up the old rose root. I made a nice pile of rose pieces, and got most of the roots. I fully expect to see roses in the future there. Then I started to digging carefully around the broken fence post. This might be the only post I have to dig up since the new one is going in the same spot, since the other fence sections will be shorter, I will just cut the old posts off at the surface. I did call and ask my sister to come help me, because I could tell this was going to take longer than I had planned. I dug down about four inches before I hit concrete.. not a good sign, and probably why the post rotted. I got a bit deeper, finding the edges of the blob. Chipping away at this was tedious. My neighbor saw what I was trying to do and came over to help me, he got the pry bar under the block and heaved it up. We put the dirt and the block into the wheelbarrow to disposes of, then measured how much deeper we would have to go. More digging ensued, but it wasnt into concrete. We went down two feet and called it good. Put in all the bits and then the post... leveled it, decided on our sweet spot... then poured three bags of quick setting concrete into the hole. Which wasnt enough, so I sent the sister to WILCO to get two more bags. Finished up again double checking if the fence section was going to fit, and then proceeded to gently water in the fresh cement.

I thanked my neighbor, and then the sister and I cleaned up most of the efforts, and I took her to eat.

After I got home, I finished doing my Trash Prep and getting all the bins to the curb.

Friday, errands, I have to get stuff for the Family party on Sunday, new brackets for the fence sections, of course the new fencing sections are just a tad bit bigger than the brackets I have plenty of, Costo run, and if it find the right bag, stuff to send to Miss Annie.
2017-07-19 12:21 pm

(no subject)

I was terribly efficient yesterday, credit union, post office, the Hilltop stores, Wilco was having a one day sale, and we (the sister creature came with) scored a small AC window unit for the sister creature, if it does fit into her window.. we shall see how that works out.

Got New Books, got a couple of Hallmark xmas ornaments (but missed out on the Marvin one..sigh) and then headed towards Btown. Made a few stops before arriving at the Powells site. We had decided on eating before the event at Pastini, and when we walked up, there was MK Hobson, seems that David was having a small meetup before the event, so we joined in for dinner. It was kinda fun to converge.

The event had a nice turnout.

Swung by the Btown Freddys, it seems that they are all undergoing a revamping process (and yes, I think if they put more vampires in and less moving stuff about while upgrading their stores....) and we cant find things in our store here, but, I did find the bins of plastic section, and they did have some of the more portable ones with handles in the lids.

I am going to give tonights signing a miss, yes its Brenda Cooper and Nancy Kress, but I am really tired. I am going to try and paint my new posts though, its just sitting outside and applying paint. No driving or having to think, and no having to look for books, because everything is in such a jumble now.
2017-07-18 11:16 am

(no subject)

Went well at the Naturopaths, my BP was normal range, and we tweeking the supplements just a bit to provide some liver protection.

Got some of the errands run, got the visor clip reinstalled on the van, where the screw had fallen out, and thus the clippie itself. Went to Williams Sonoma to use the birthday gift certificate up, I got cherry balsamic vinegar for both myself and the sister creature. Killed a bit of time at Portland Nursery, and yes, I committed plant there.

Made it to the signing, I had to park a couple blocks away, right in front of a homeless squat by Ben & Jerry's, which explains why there was a parking spot.

The sister met me for the signing, and it was a pretty good talk. Got my book signed, and I thought I wasnt going to buy anything there, but, when walking by the remainder racks, I found a couple of books I had missed out on ...sigh.

sister creature and I went to eat afterwards and then home to the cranky cat.

Today, New Book Tuesday of course! Some errands, the Post Office and then to David Levine's signing at the Beaverton Powells.
2017-07-17 11:22 am

(no subject)

Because I got up so early (for me) on saturday, it was a bit of a blur. Everyone was doing their own thing before the signing, but I took Godsons Wife to the PSU farmers market to walk around. The sister was with me, so we had a nice walk there, lots of fresh food and food related things. A bit of a drive around to get back to the hotel where we picked up the rest of the luggage and people.

Other than trying to run over a woman who didnt understand how to cross a street, and was so not connected to reality that when she stepped in front of me and I honked my horn, she didnt respond at all.

The signing had a nice turn out, saw lots of folks I knew.. met some new ones.. after we went to the convayor belt sushi nearby, and then to the airport in plenty of time for them to catch their flight without having to rush.

Came home and watered the neighbors yard and my own.

Sunday, woke with a massive headache and raw throat, this was allergy related, not plague. by the time I was feeling somewhat human, I remembered I needed to pay my Lowe's bill. Since I was going there, I also decided to get the bits for the fence replacement. Measured the pieces that I had, measured the actual length of the fence, attempted to do math, and then had to refigure yet again how many posts I needed, and how much more fence I needed. So, I got nine posts total, and two more sections of uncut fencing. And quick setting cement.. and a couple of plants..

I knew that the back of the van was only good for 6 ft of length, so I took rope (small gauge) and an assortment of bungee cords. Strategic loading, tying off and of course, the use of the dry cement as a top weight, and away I went. Made it home without incident. Then I took my time unloading and stacking in the driveway, plus I got a bin with lid to put the cement in, because I didnt want it to get wet. Not going to start the project til later in the week, I have to get the paint out and paint the posts purple first, I am not going to get up on a ladder to do that. Work smarter, not harder. And I will see if this plan actually works or not.

Today, phone calls, see my Naturopath, then a booksigning at the Hawthorne Powells.
2017-07-15 09:29 am

(no subject)

Exhausted because I am up early already.

Yesterday went well, despite the fact I couldnt find the majority of the anthologies I was looking for, but I have bookplates!

Turns out there is no escort, so I am the escort today for delivering the party to Powells and to taking them to the airport.

So, today, off and running with Godson's Wife, and ... whatever the day brings.

I met them last night at the hotel, I took them Voodoo Donuts (the trademark one) and then sat in the lobby with GW, returned home and found that Godzilla 2000 was on tv...
2017-07-14 11:54 am

(no subject)

Couldnt find my copy of the book for the nights signing, so I decided to get another there.

Sister creature wanted to come with, and she had errands to do enroute. We did manage happy hour at Chezcake factory, and we had more of the deep fried korean bbq cauliflower.

The signing had a small turnout, but a great audience, and of course, one of my lenses popped out of my glasses during the readings. sigh. Lost the tiny tiny screw, but after the event we went up to Rite Aid because they always sell the eyeglass repair kits. Fixed the glasses and then meandered on home.

Talked to my Wicked Evil Stepmommy, and making tentative plans of a sort while she will be at my brothers. But, we all know, everything is subject to change without notice.

Today... looking for my Liu books and anthologies. Meeting Godsons wife and co this evening when they get into PDX.
2017-07-13 02:19 pm

(no subject)

Haircuts went well, getting there was more work than we wanted, between bridge closures, road closures, ambulances, firetrucks, et all.. it was a lot of effort. But, we made it and got a decent parking spot. There were even fires alongside 213 which jammed the beginning of our drive.

Our hairdresser is going to be on DIY channels Tiny Luxury program! She is an amazing person, who does a great job on hair, so for her and her hubby to do this is awesome! so, August 10th!

We meandered on back after our haircuts, I had gone up to Finnegan's toys to see if they had any of the new Egypt Playmobile sets (I already got the new pyramid) but they didnt, but I did get the new catalog and I have to decide what I want and how to order it. We had our late lunch at Elephants, stopped by the Zupans, and a couple other places.

Today, not really sure, I have to find my copy of Witchy Eye if I want to make it to the signing tonight, and I have to chat with my Wicked Evil Stepmommy, she turns 80 this month and I wanted to be there, and it turns out that my sister in law has already made plans for the family. I can work with that, and it means I dont have to do the drive. She will be staying with them for the weekend as it were, and we having a family party for her.
2017-07-12 12:26 pm

(no subject)

Got up earlier than ususal because I wanted to do a few things before my PT appt. I only did a few things, and the PT was interesting, I am more flexible in some of the range of motion, but, I have stressed the bits in the right arm and I am supposed to "rest" it in a fashion. I have a new TENS unit, with supposedly non sticky pads as to not trigger the allergies. It comes with rechargeable batteries even.

Wandered towards Beaverton, but was slow in things, so I didnt make a few stops. Book Club was good, despite that I didnt read the book, yes, it looked good, but, it didnt interest me. Next month we doing a Mieville, so I have better hopes on it.

Got a lovely birthday prezzie from M, I got a New Evil! and its one I had been eyeing for some time, but, I try not to get them all... (well, I had bought the new Ursula...lets be honest here)

After BC, it was over to New Seasons to get a loaf of non enriched, not additive bread, and then over to Target because I had to pay my bill.

Met up with the sister creature for a late night snack at Shari's, she was in a mood due to having to spend the day with her mother in Mac... I did have to not snark when she was saying that her mother had FIVE curling irons in her bathroom still in boxes! why did she even have them! That her mother dug at her about all of her own crap and how many items she has. I did settle for mentioning that the only reason that my sister has multiples of things is that every time she moved, she would pack up what she had and then never open the boxes again. This is just about every move she has made in the last 40 years, but in the past two moves, she has actually started to go through some of those boxes.

Today, sister and I are getting our haircuts, not sure what else will follow..
2017-07-11 11:39 am

(no subject)

I got most of the work done in that back corner yesterday, but I forgot to plant the primula, and I didnt bark dust it when I thought I was done. I did fill up the yard bin, but I was trimming a couple of shrubberies while I was back there.

Mixed up all the dirt n poo that I had, and moved the bags of bark dust by the sidewalk so I can just open and dump them out front. Swept the driveway, and its clear for the first time in months, there are still pots and things on the sides, but, they can be moved at my leisure.

Refilled bird feeders, and watched the birdies.

Today, Physical Therapy and Book Club.
2017-07-10 02:02 pm

(no subject)

I am getting closer to having all the plants in dirt.. well, with the exception of the ones I want to use when I do the White Picket Fence Project. Sunday I had to get more dirt n poo, I have been getting just five of each when I pick them up, so I dont get too far behind.

Because I asked my sister if she wanted to go with me, we ended up taking twice as long, plus a stop to eat. But I did get a couple hours of yard time in, and todays push is on the back corner of the back yard by the columnar apple trees. I got six buckets of dirt n poo mixed up, and the plants sorted out, so its just step into it. Got some more of the driveway cleaned up too, more sweeping and the like.

Of course, once everything gets planted, I get other projects to work on, so its never ending at times. I figure I can get the picket fence replaces one post at a time, so it can be spread out over the rest of the summer.
2017-07-08 01:29 pm

(no subject)

Got my B12 shot, and set off on adventures in the wildes of Beaverton. Lots of stops and looking at things, I think I found a wonderful vertical magazine rack for me, picked up some books for the Wicked Evil Stepmommy (since her birthday is later this month), the sister found a few things she couldnt live without, and we did a turn through the Btown Powells, ending up with dinner at the Cracker Barrel.

Got another call from Monkey, todays ER visit for him was for his newly diagnoses Sciatica. He is in such pain right now.

Today, not really sure, probably back outside, I need to soak some areas of the back yard, and I am getting close on getting everything planted. At least thats what I am telling myself.

Its full moon today, its been gorgeous the past few nights..
2017-07-07 01:10 pm

(no subject)

Got more yard time in yesterday, I even swept the sidewalk, which desperately needed it. Got more things planted, moved things, watered things... I am getting there slowly, thats for sure, and the temp was about 89 degrees on top of that.

Saw a Monarch and a Swallotail butteryfly ... admired the goldfinches, watched one of the quail perch on the white picket fence.

Refilled the finch feeders, and didnt quite get all of the back yard watered, I ran out of energy before then. Had a good cat time with the Tigger kitty, I got a lap dance and some cat trapping action. He is such a sweet boy, despite his desire to Kill All The Things in my yard.

Today, up to the VAMC for my B12 shot, and some errands, the sister creature wants to go along.
2017-07-06 01:09 pm

(no subject)

Havent quite finished the laundry yet, but mostly because I just dont wanna.

Got my yard time in, I was flitting from one thing to another, so I really didnt actually complete anything, but the yard debris bin is full. Put down three bags of barkdust, but that only covered about 5 feet of the curbside bed.

Undecided what to do today, I really should get back outside and plant some more things and clean up other things. There are still weeds in the front lawn that need to be dealt with.
2017-07-05 03:08 pm

(no subject)

I had a late start to Tuesday. Did my errands and noted who closes early. Sister creature wanted to go to the downtown Powells with me, so I waited for her. And Waited.. and waited. She was an hour late meeting me. Because of that, I didnt make it to the cemetery. We did do the downtown Powells, I got most of what was on my list. I was doing shelf monkey duty for the sister to find stuff she was looking for.

We spent too much time there, but, we drove back through Milwaukie to see where their new food cart pod was going in at. I was mostly right, and had to tell my sister, thats where the smokers went when I went to High School there (briefly). Because of the additions to the high school and the Orange rail line, it has changed in fifty years.

Had dinner at Burgerville, its walla walla oinion ring time.

Came home, and proceeded to change the bedding, (note to self, when eating candy covered malted milk balls in bed while reading, pay attention if you think you dropped one)_ the cat of course had to help. Later went outside to watch the neighbor kids and their parents do the fireworks out in the street.

Today, finish up the laundry, and get some yard time done.
2017-07-03 09:53 pm

(no subject)

Birthday went well, met up with family for dinner and a good time was had by all. My brother says because his wife dresses him, he doesnt hike his pants up that high... grin.

took Saturday easy, and on sunday it was the neighbor kids birthday, so went to that party.

Then I watered I think.

Today, I did adult stuff. one of my friends is having trouble paying for her insulin, so I am doing that for her... friends are hard to come by, so its a no brainer.

After adult stuff was done... I went outside and worked in the yard and weeded, refilled bird feeders and planted a couple of things. Played with the new sprinkerls.. still trying to get them at just the right height and intensity.

Tomorrow, the holiday, but its still new book tuesday, and would have been Youngest Niece's 34th birthday, I will go and visit her grave and ... well.. do stuff.
2017-07-01 12:29 pm

(no subject)

I have such an opportuniy to give my brother shit today, its not funny... and I think I will.. when making dinner plans for today, I had said 6ish, and now its 5pm since someone has to eat early... I will definately ask him why his pants arent up in his armpits. Sadly he is only two years older than me.

So birthday dinner plans have been made, and now I have to go and run a couple of errands and pick up the mini cupcakes. Since its early I can even swing by the Farmers market.

Yesterday was too hot and humid for me.. I ran errands since it was payday. I need to unload the van and tidy it up.
2017-06-30 12:28 pm

(no subject)

Made most of my phone calls yesterday, did adulty stuff, ordered new checks, did the paperwork on my tire rebate... discovered I had misplaced one of my gas cards.. its either in the van or in one of my purses..

Didnt get outside until almost five, but, got my trash bins out and lined up, took the yard bin into the back yard and proceeded to fill it up with debris from the Quince I wanna be a Tree and some other stuff. Put the sprinkler on in the garden, or jungle, depending on how you look at it.

got some more things planted into pots, and then watered the rest of the yard. Refilled some of the bird feeders. While in the back yard, I watched one determined quail perched on the fence.

Took a couple of Tigger kitty breaks, we had a rousing game of seated cat trap.. he was doing some lap time but decided that cat trapping the human was way more fun. Good thing I was wearing my gardening gloves. His humans are gone for the long weekend, so he was here for two meals instead of his usual one if I am outside.

Went for a late sushi snack with the sister creature, she "borrowed" the books from our stepmom, but promised to return them when she was done reading.

Today, finalize up who will be at dinner tomorrow, its like herding cats, I would love to make reservations, but how do you say it could be three or seven people or any number in between? sigh.