Jan. 24th, 2017

The VAMC went well yesterday, I only waited 30 minutes past my appt time to be seen and was out in 15 minutes, but this doctor actually paid attention, then I spent another hour waiting for the ointments ... sigh.

I wanted to find a cheese shop I was told about at 60th and Belmont, but it wasnt there, I probably got the address wrong... the traffic down the hill was pretty bad, it was only later that I heard about the accident on Barbur that closed lanes. With the new slide on Cornell, it did clog up.

Slid into Portland Nursery with 20 minutes to spare before closing and picked up some primroses and a quick glance through the seeds. Picked up the new Territorial seed catalog.

Finished off my stops at Natural Grocers on 82nd and then came home.

Got a text from a friend that Patricia Briggs husband died monday morning. He was a delightful person and would come on book signings with Patty, and my sister would always talk to him about horses. I thought that this year might not be as bad as last year, but, its not looking good.



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