2017-02-21 03:00 pm

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The cat spent the night waking me up every hour on the hour yet again. If he does this another night, he is going to the vet. He doesnt behave like this during the day, so its a very deliberate act on his part. Not being able to rest makes me cranky, very very cranky.

Today is New Book Tuesday, and I will go and make my rounds, a friend is looking for some specific seeds, so I will wanter up I205 to the Portland Nursery on Division and see if they have them. I also need a new garden pot and new dirt, the roses came in last week and my sister in law is out of town for her brithday week, so I need to have the bare roots dirted up while I wait for her to come back.

Van has appt on monday at 2pm. so, things are set up with the sister.