Mar. 20th, 2017

Its Spring... Vernal Equinox and all of that. Its still somewhat raining like its December here.

It was too cold outside for me yesterday, despite the sunlight. So I went and fetched more dirt and poo for the collection in the driveway. One never has enough at the begining of gardening season. I think I must get about 200 bags total each year.

After I get done on the computer, I need to go outside. I have a crow in the lot next door, and I am going to call the Audbon Society about it. I doubt I could catch it, despite it not being able to fly and walking very carefully. I have heard crows this morning out there, cawwwing... so I am pretty sure its still alive. With the number of small hawks here, and other predators, its hard to say about survivability before recovery.

The rains are supposed to come back this afternoon.



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