Apr. 6th, 2017

Got a bit more done adding folks to my reading list at DW, now that I can find things, I do hope I remember how I did it though.

Yesterday it didnt rain, it wasnt sunny either, but I worked outside until I started to get clumsy. I got another 10 bags of dirt and poo into the raised beds in the garden. I cleaned out 5 of the raised beds and are close on three others, and while I was putting in the new dirt, I planted them up. I got some peas, beets, pak choi, tomatoes and a couple other things into the dirt. I also was pulling up the strawberry runners and trimming them and getting them into multipacks that I had saved. I got two friends who want the extras, so they wont be wasted. Remembered to water the stuff in the mini greenhouse too. The yard bin is full.

Watched the birds and critters when I was taking breaks, saw the chipmunks again, and I am getting more and more goldfinches, the bright yellow ones. The quail were very adorable, they walked across the street to the neighbors yard where he had been turning over his cover crop and were picking through that.

Today, going to the Lani Taylor signing at the Beaverton Powells. The sister creature has finally finished moving all of her stuff out of storage and into the garage spaces she has at her apt complex. I will get my Van back today.



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