Jun. 6th, 2017

Manged to get the new sprinkler operational, but I need to figure out how to move the arc on it. The instructions are interesting and make no sense.

Today, had appt with my Naturopath, got a change in stuff from her, and I have an appt in August with a Master Herbalist. Western medicine is pretty much poison to me, so I have to seek alternatives to keep going.

After my appt, I did a lot of little errands, and a quick side trip to Gardeners Choice on 99 where I got a replacement black panther agastache, my other one didnt survive the winter, and the tub got over run by hula berries.

Swung by Ford, I needed a new battery for the van key fob, and I made appts next week for both the Focus to get new tires, and for the Van to get new rear brakes and for them to figure out what is wrong with the drivers side slider door... I am realistic, whatever they find, they will need to order some part to fix it. also made appt with the financial lady at the bank about Mothers IRA that I got, time to move stuff around as it were..

Tomorrow, its Tuesday! Yeah for new books! getting a new solar ball for the garden...
The Black Panther plant is an agapanthus.. sigh.. brain skippy..



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