Jun. 8th, 2017

The lawn did not get mowed. I did haul more pots out of the garden area, did some cleanup and mint pulling. replanted the assorted pots and thought about where to plant the flowers. My ambition was greater than what I did, but, it was still a good day, despite me realizing I had no other dirt than what was in the wheelbarrow, so I took a quick trip to Home Despot and picked up more dirt n poo.

Put up a small outdoor hanger arm for the flying pig solar windchime by the roses for Daddy and Youngest Niece, because as we all know, Pigs can Fly! because they have pilots licenses. There is a half opened rose on the Stainless Steele, it is a very light lavender and it does have a delicate scent.

My iris have about bloomed out, and the trumpets on the foxglove are dropping off. I should be getting more flowers into pots and such, and I am looking for the next bloomers to come on. The bees are quite busy out there.

I ended my day outside a bit early, it started to sprinkle and increase gradually. I listened to it rain all night long. I dont think its raining at the moment, so I guess I can get my bins to the driveway to fill up and take to the curb later today.

I have an appt this afternoon, and if its raining again, I might go to the movies.



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