Jun. 13th, 2017

As with most second days in a row outside, it wasnt as productive due to no rest between events. It was very overcast and coolish, but, I got more things planted, and I put the last of the dirt and poo into the wheelbarrow for mixing up. Did more of the weeding that needed to be done (when weeds obscure the front of the gas meter, one should do something) and more of other things. Replaced one tub that was just breaking apart, the plastic was so old, and dumped out another one completely because of all the weedy roots in it. Of course all this takes extra time, having to do it bits at a time, rather than in one fell swoop. Dumped old dirt behind the fence, and cut back some blackberry limbs trying to come through the back fence.

Watched the quail and saw the Blue Heron fly overhead. There was a hummingbird out trying to mug flowers. The tadpoles are getting more flippers and less tail.

The yard bin had settled, so I got it full to the brim. I doubt I will get any yard work done before friday between appts and the possible rain events on thursday. I also have a bump in the road as for my MRI on friday, they called to confirm, and its now at 2pm not 4pm, and I have to get the blood work done at the West Linn OPC now beforehand. The scheduler didnt know how that happened and offered to resked, but, I already have my followup appt with my Neuro made, so that wont work.

Today, Book Club, New Book Tuesday (I have my eyes on some very fine book prey today), and the Focus gets new tires, and I really should clean it out before I leave the house..



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