Jun. 18th, 2017

Saw where Stephan Furst just died of complications of diabetes... sigh.. one more of the B5 cast gone..

I didnt feel very good today, dont know if it was because of the injected contrast for the MRI, or because I got a bit overheated at the book fair, but, today was meh.

MRI was done quickly, and I got to the book fair before my friend. We walked the entire show, I found a few treasures, a book on Egypt from the 1890s that I didnt have and a non fic on werewolves. Got one or two others, but, I was trying to be good about buying too many things and just focusing on quality as it were. Saw lots of pretty things, but .. trying to be good.

Met up with the sister creature for dinner and then took Th back to his car and I came home.

today, saw Ru and her hubby after the warrior dash she did today, admired her medallion too. Gave over the plants and the solar mole deterrants to her, and the spare bathroom sink/countertop I had gotten from one of my neigbhors who was going to throw it away. I try to reuse or recycle things.

Tomorrow I need to mow the lawn, thats a given.. anything else that would get done will be all bonus.



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