Jul. 12th, 2017

Got up earlier than ususal because I wanted to do a few things before my PT appt. I only did a few things, and the PT was interesting, I am more flexible in some of the range of motion, but, I have stressed the bits in the right arm and I am supposed to "rest" it in a fashion. I have a new TENS unit, with supposedly non sticky pads as to not trigger the allergies. It comes with rechargeable batteries even.

Wandered towards Beaverton, but was slow in things, so I didnt make a few stops. Book Club was good, despite that I didnt read the book, yes, it looked good, but, it didnt interest me. Next month we doing a Mieville, so I have better hopes on it.

Got a lovely birthday prezzie from M, I got a New Evil! and its one I had been eyeing for some time, but, I try not to get them all... (well, I had bought the new Ursula...lets be honest here)

After BC, it was over to New Seasons to get a loaf of non enriched, not additive bread, and then over to Target because I had to pay my bill.

Met up with the sister creature for a late night snack at Shari's, she was in a mood due to having to spend the day with her mother in Mac... I did have to not snark when she was saying that her mother had FIVE curling irons in her bathroom still in boxes! why did she even have them! That her mother dug at her about all of her own crap and how many items she has. I did settle for mentioning that the only reason that my sister has multiples of things is that every time she moved, she would pack up what she had and then never open the boxes again. This is just about every move she has made in the last 40 years, but in the past two moves, she has actually started to go through some of those boxes.

Today, sister and I are getting our haircuts, not sure what else will follow..



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