Sep. 6th, 2017

The smoke and ash are really a part of the air..

Didnt get the news the other night, I lost my tv remote over the bed and it took a bit to find. Of course, I had looked in that spot several times before it stopped hiding.

I need to make sure I call my vehicle service dude about bringing in both vehicles when this is done to get the filters in both either cleaned or replaced from all the airborne yuck.

Did my errands, and made it to the signing, I had expected more people there, but he still had a nice turnout. Peter gave me an ARC of Code Girls, which was on my list for October, and I spent the rest of the evening reading it. Not quite done with it, but close.

I am really done with the heat and the smoke, its like I am a pack a day smoker the way my throat and lungs feel.

Today, Naturopath appointment.



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